‘Don’t be a victim of the great fishing line scam’ – that’s the message EFTTA is getting across to anglers in a new advertising campaign which starts next month.

The organisation is ramping up its 2014 Line Charter initiative, which targets line companies that make false claims about their products, by placing advertisements in consumer magazines across Europe.

The adverts will appear across 11 countries warning anglers that they could be being conned by companies making false claims about the breaking strains and diameters of their products and advising them to only select line that has the EFTTA logo on its packaging. This indicates the companies which have signed up to the EFTTA Line Charter.

The advertisement tells anglers that they can trust the 43 international brands as they have agreed to adhere to the Line Charter rules. 

This is the latest move in the Line Charter campaign, which was launched three years ago.
EFTTA’s next step is to begin testing lines in 2015. It plans to randomly put 200 to 300 lines from companies all over the world, including both members and non-members, under the microscope.

The results will be made available both to the industry and to consumers.