An eight man team averaging 67 years old put one over on the young ‘uns in the weekend’s Starlets Vets Team Challenge.

Four teams of eight, two from the Starlets Vets and two from the Middy Central match team, went head to head at Midlands water Blythe Waters, Solihull in what will now be an annual event.

Keith Brown from Middy Pro won the individual honours with 39-2-0 on the long pole to the island from peg 7 on Bridge Pool, with team mate Steve Thompson second with 33-6-0 from peg 44. However, from there it all went wrong for Middy Pro, who finished last of the four.

The team event was won by Starlets Vets Black, with Middy Top Notch second and Starlets Vets Red third.

The winning team was led by Coventry’s Ken Rollings, who finished third with 31-14-0, and included Norman Davies, Kenny Giles, Ronnie Savage, Johnny Stockton, Peter Taylor and Gary Powney. The old magic is, it seems, still there.

The match was backed by sponsors Middy who put up a cheque for £250.