The Skinz Bait Range
First and foremost, Skinz is a collection of hookbait and feed pellets which feature a flexible, biodegradable skin around a highly digestible core, both containing powerful fish attractants and feeding triggers.
They are naturally sinking and need no pre-soaking before use. They can be loosefed like other pellets, added to groundbait, used in aMethod or open-ended feeder or placed in a PVA bag.
With powerful feeding stimulants and highly digestible ingredients that are all fully biodegradable,

these pellets not only provide fish with the essential nutrients for a healthy and balanced diet, they are ideal for extended use on heavily-stocked fisheries.
The feeding system is ideal for match, pleasure and even specimen anglers and extensive testing has already seen some amazing results.
Feed Pellets
SKINZ FEED PELLETS have a fast breakdown action that dissolve over a period of minutes rather than hours. This prevents over feeding and promotes continued feeding over extended periods. 
The soluble skin and highly digestible core are both made from a nutritionally advanced, highly digestible blend of ingredients including Fast Attract stimulant.  This fills the swim with powerful feeding triggers and attraction without overfeeding.
• Naturally sinking and require no pre-soaking before use.
• Loose fed like other pellets, added to groundbait, used in a method or open-ended feeder or placed into a PVA bag.
• Full of essential nutrients that provide coarse fish with a healthy balanced diet.
• Fully biodegradable, extensively tested and are suitable for extended use on heavily stocked fisheries.
Hook Pellets

Skinz Hookbaits HOOKBAITS are an advanced, skinned, hookable pellet type bait full of powerful fish attractant. The skin is full of soluble feeding triggers that go to work immediately.
Use straight from the bag or soak for a few minutes for a soft hook pellet that can be hooked directly on the hook or hair rigged.
Can be moulded into a paste – just soak in water overnight and knead repeatedly.
For maximum performance use with FEED PELLETS