The Wild, Wild Sea

Henry Gilbey is ‘Wild Fishing’ on Discovery Real Time

Sea fishing is very popular among anglers in the UK, living in a country that boasts over *19,000 miles of coastline.  There is also a natural fascination for the wilder, more remote areas of Great Britain – and more notably the many islands lying off the British and Irish coast. 


In this brand new series experienced angler, photojournalist and broadcaster Henry Gilbey takes on the rugged outdoor challenge to explore a range of locations – including the Isles of Scilly and Guernsey – and uncover the variety of fishing opportunities each has to offer.  With no specific agenda, Henry travels to each destination with the aim to catch as many of the native fish as possible – whatever that may be. 


Energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, we follow Henry throughout his journey as he seeks out his fishing quarry, meets up with local characters, visits points of interest and discovers the islanders quirky traits and traditions.


Episode breakdown as follows:


Episode 2 – South East Ireland

Friday 2nd December, 9.00pm

In County Wexford, South East Ireland, Henry and match specimen angler Graham Hill reel in bass and an impressive flatfish.


Episode 3 – South West Ireland

Friday 9th December, 9.00pm

On the second leg of Henry’s Irish fishing trip he catches a thornback ray and a bull huss in Bantry Bay, County Cork with fellow angler Rob Yorke.


Episode 4 – Bristol Channel

Friday 16th December, 9.00pm

The Bristol Channel has always proved irresistible to boat anglers, so Henry boards a charter and heads out of Penarth Marina in South Wales.


Episode 5 – Guernsey

Friday 23rd December, 9.00pm

Henry teams up with friend Martin ‘Larks’ Larkin, mullet freak and British shore-conger-record-holder, for some shore fishing off Guernsey.



Full details for the content of each episode, as well as preview copies of each, are available on request.  Henry Gilbey is available for interview.




*length of coastline taken from The coastline is measured from Mean High Water which extends into estuaries until the normal tidal limit (NTL) is reached.  Distance does not include the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland.