One series wasn’t enough for us, so we just had to do it again. THINKING TACKLE series 2, is back in 2007 on SKY SPORTS and will be more action and top tip packed than ever.  In series two Dan will be visiting waters around Europe and the UK to pit his wits against some pressured carp from an array of waters. 

Dan will be joined throughout the series by the likes of Terry Hearn, Gaz Fareham, Frank Warwick and many others.  This will not be a series worth missing, and for those of you who missed series 1 on SKY SPORTS, the whole series is going to be made into a DVD ready for March.

Below is the schedule for the first two shows of the series, for those of you who are not aware, the show runs in a quarterly format, with two shows in the winter, 2 in the spring, 2 in the summer and 2 in the autumn, the series is then finally re-shown at Christmas.

These first two shows follow the Team Korda lads on their annual holiday to Maison de lac bleu in France.  Dan and team show you a varying range of approaches to catch pressured French fish with phenomenal success! Watch numerous 40lb+ and 50lb+ fish hit the spreader block in this action packed 2 show special.

Series 2:

Episode 1
Sky Sports Xtra, 19/02/07, 19:00
Sky Sports Xtra, 19/02/07, 22:00
Sky Sports Xtra, 20/02/07, 03:30
Sky Sports 2, 20/02/07, 14:30
Sky Sports 2, 21/02/07, 06:00

Episode 2
Sky Sports Xtra, 26/02/07, 19:00
Sky Sports Xtra, 26/02/07, 22:00
Sky Sports 2, 27/02/07, 02:30
Sky Sports 2, 27/02/07, 08:00
Sky Sports 2, 27/02/07, 17:00
Sky Sports 2, 28/02/07, 15:00