THE great honour of being the first winner of our Van den Eynde/Total-Fishing ‘Thread of the Month’ competition goes to one of the Coarse Forum’s stalwarts, who you will all know as ‘Aberdeen Angus’.

AA is a lucky man, because he wins himself a whole case of Van den Eynde Ringer’s Bag-Up carp mix, a lovely, fine fishmeal based mix that’s ideal for commercial venues and excellent as part of a method mix.

The fact that he went to school with the owner of the site might lead one or two people to believe that there is something fishy going on here.

However, the winning ‘Pop Pickers’ thread was in fact chosen by Van den Eynde’s Mark Sawyer…. so there!

Said Mark: “I just thought it was a clever, funny thread that ended up with everyone having a go.

“Anyway, AA’s wife has just given birth to their third child and he will be desperately looking for some excuses to get the hell out of the house. I would advise him to tell his wife that groundbait has a sell by date and that he simply has to go out and use it….. my main worry is that he won’t know how to use it!”

Said AA, alais George ‘moneybags’ Mathieson, from his 20-acre estate in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands: “It’s an incredible honour to win this prize. But let’s face it boys…. I can kick it…”

(Okay he didn’t say that really but we think he would have done).

So onward and upward and onto the next round of the great Van den Eynde thread challenge.


This month we have a case of Van den Eynde Supercup up for grabs.


This is one of four times World Champion Bob Nudd’s favourite mixes and one he uses when silver fish are his target.

The great thing about Supercup is that it’s so fine and has next to no feed content, and can be mixed so that it breaks up as soon as it hits the water, or squeezed so that it breaks up when it hits the bottom to form a cloud over which fish feel more confident feeding.

It’s also very easy to mix and is ideal for canals, drains and slow flowing rivers when you expect roach and skimmers in particular.

Once again Mark Sawyer will be picking the winner, who will be chosen at the end of May. So get your creative, funny and controversial hats on and get posting.


Don’t forget that users of the Sea, Carp and forthcoming Fly-Fishing forums are also being watched. The writer of the best thread of the month on these boards wins a 12-month subscription to the DHP angling magazine of their choice. I know, I know, we really are too generous……