THE winners of the June 2003 Thread of the Month competitions for the Carp and Sea Discussion boards are as follows.

Sea: A Dixon, for his ‘Don’t laugh’ thread. What the board is all about really. A newcomer to both the board and to shore fishing asking for advice and keeping posters in touch with his fishing, and getting plenty of advice along with a few wind-ups.

Carp: Top Blanker for an excellent thread asking members for their ideal carp set-up for £500. really got you lot thinking.

If both winners can email me with their full name and address details, I will sort out the subscriptions. Top Blanker should let me know whether he wants a sub to Advnaced Carp Fishign or Total Carp.

Still waiting to hear from Mark Sawyer re the Thread of the Month for the Coarse Board. There is no winner for the Fly Fishing forum.