April 2007

Drifting On Giant Waters

At times, the UK’s largest stillwaters can be a daunting place for even seasoned reservoir fishers, let alone the novices. However, May and June bring with them a window of opportunity for the dry fly angler and, with a little know how of where to look, they can be faced with rise after rise from grown-on rainbow trout. Armed with a never-seen-before selection of killer dry flies, Jim Crawford takes to a rippled Rutland Water and explains how to make the most of the action!
Vital Skills

Charles Jardine brings his instruction series to an end, describing the witching hours that every fly fisher longs for the evening rise. The last couple of hours of light don’t always offer the chance of rising trout, eager to take any dry fly that lands in their direction. It can be just the opposite, explains Charles, and knowledge and preparation is the key.  Read this and learn all you need to know about the location, tackle and tactics for turning those risers into takers!
Head To Head

TFF takes a trip to Dumfriesshire this month where we meet up with super-keen anglers Kevin Smith and John Cameron. Faced with cold, wet conditions our challenger¹s faces soon drop as we announce that it¹s time for the very first dry fly only Head to Head challenge! With a massive target of seven fish, the lads’ skills are put to the ultimate test to see who, if any, will come out on top…
Dry Flies­ Turned On Their Head

This tip from writer and fly tyer David Fynsong impressed us so much that we’ve dedicated a feature to it. What could well be the answer to the dry fly angler and fly tyer’s prayers, Two Para is an easy way to produce stunning parachute-style patterns. As we explain, it can be utilised to imitate a limitless number of bugs that take but a few minutes to tie, sit perfectly on the water and prove irresistible to trout!



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