December issue

Pretty Polys 
Winter grayling fishing is often all about presenting your flies as close to the bottom as possible – even in very fast currents. The only problem with this is that you will get through your precious flies at an alarming rate –losing them to snags. England International Simon Kidd shows just how easy it is to overcome this, and ties and fishes one of the most popular bugs inmodern river fishing – the Polyfitus.



Agent X

Moffat Fishery (now known as Hammerlands Trout Fishery) was once one of the highest-regarded small Scottish stillwaters. Following a few grumbles from our regular readers, we thought it was about time to despatch our undercover reporter to uncover the truth of the matter. How will it fare? Does it stilllive up to its ‘hallowed’ reputation? If not, why not? As always, Agent X gives the ‘pull-no-punches’ story…



Casting School

Fly casters, of any age or experience, will always want to cast further than the next angler. It’s by no means always necessary, but every now and again can be a big help. The first step to turbo-charging your cast is to increase line speed and sharpen up your loops. How do you do that? Learn to haul.It’s not as tricky as you may think as APGAI instructor Karl Humphries



Fine Tuning

Fisheries where catch and release is popular can become full of wised-up

‘naturalised’ trout that have seen it all before and, unless your

presentation is perfect, things get mighty tough. Simon Robinson explains that the key can be to down-size your tippet material, but balancing the rest of your kit is essential to avoid broken leaders when playing fish. Here’s Simon’s guide to fishing fine with confidence.


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