September 2006

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Rig Zone

Many anglers can be scared of using maggots for fear of getting it wrong. Not any more.


Know Your Lake Bed

Up-and-coming big-carp catcher James Armstrong explains what’s beneath the surface.


A Guide To Surface Baits

There’s more to surface fishing baits than Chum mixers, as bait guru Craig Waddington explains.


UK Top 20

We begin the countdown of the nation’s favourite day ticket carp fisheries.


Carp Thoughts

Inside the mind of Dave Lane – this month he explores the dos and don’ts of floater fishing.


Korda Boys

Carp-mag readers could be forgiven for thinking that this game is easy, but what do you do when the chips are down and you’re scratching for a bite? Chris Rose and Steve Spurgeon explain.


Rich Tea Challenge

No Total Carp reader has managed to beat Derek ‘The Don’ Ritchie just yet. Can this month’s challenger, John Hook, be the first to knock the maestro off his perch?


Northern Monkeys

When fishing over bait, how can you make sure that your hook bait stands out from the crowd? With Neil Smith’s top tips, that’s how.


Lane’s Way

Another eventful month in the life of the country’s finest carp angler. Suffolk and Belgium are just two places that Dave Lane has been. Don’t ask!


Total Tackle

Rods, reels, banksticks, clothing and bait – just some of the selection as we bring you another packed monthly gear guide.


Total Tackle Specials

A brand-new bait innovation, Skinz, and a limited-edition Shimano Baitrunner reel grab the TC boys’ attention.


Bench Test

We don’t all have hundreds of pounds to spend on reels, so we’ve been out and tested some for less than 60 quid.


Battlecarp 2

Part One

It’s semi-final time and Ian Russell looks to have his work cut out defending his Battlecarp crown.


Junior Carp Star

Tom Dove returns to the pages of Total Carp and reveals how he has tempted big carp on both long and short sessions. Don’t miss it.


Venue Detectives

Marc Coulson and James Armstrong travel to The Midlands’ newest day ticket venue in search of bites.


Battlecarp 2

Part Two

Iain Macmillan and Mike Winstone chase down Ian Russell as the semi-final comes to a dramatic conclusion.


Essex Boys

We take a trip down to the hotbed of carp fishing, Essex, with a couple of geezers who have it away big time. Know what we mean?


£5,000 Fox Competition

There are two complete carp fishing set-ups from Fox that must be won – you lucky, lucky people!


£1,600 TFG Competition

Is the TFGear Force-8 bivvy the easiest to erect? Win one here and find out for yourself.


£1,650 Chub Competition

The long-awaited launch of the new Chub luggage is here and we have shedloads for you to win.


Next Month

Top carp angler Nick Helleur joins the Total Carp crew and reveals his favourite three rigs that could help you tempt a PB. Don’t miss your copy, on sale August 25th, or see page 138 of this issue for the latest subscription offers.



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