Total Carp January 2007


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On The Straight And Narrow

Tired of enduring cold, blank winter sessions? Nick Helleur has just the place for the best winter fishing in the country – your local canal.


Carp Thoughts

According to Dave Lane, fining down in winter isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So what are his thoughts behind rig presentation, which rigs does he have confidence in and how do you tie them?


10 Top Paste Tips

Paste is a brilliant but underused bait in the carp angler’s armoury. Find out how to make the most of it.


Happy Days

On a difficult day Joe Morgan puts his growing reputation on the line as he attempts to catch a carp live for the TC cameras.


Creating An Edge

If you want to make your freezer baits stand out from the crowd, and give yourself an edge over rival anglers then this is for you.


Bayes On Bait

Gary Bayes, the first person to capture a 60lb-plus UK carp, reveals his thoughts on winter baiting.


Liad Bare

What items of tackle does top carp angler Ben Hamilton take fishing with him? We find out.


In Search Of Winter Gold

Catching a 20lb winter carp isn’t as hard as it sounds, if you get your tactics right. Dave Levy explains.


How To Tie Safe Bent-Hook Rigs

TC editor Marc Coulson explains why you never have to use long swept-shank-hook rigs.


The Truth About Carp Baits – Part Six

What Heathrow Bait Services supremo Ian Russell doesn’t know about pop-ups is not worth knowing , so who else would we ask to reveal the truth about buoyant baits.


Pick Of The Bunch

With literally hundreds of unhooking mats on the market, how do you know which one to spend your hard-earned cash on? TC helps you decide, as we test five top mats.


Advice Squad

This month some of the nation’s top specimen carp anglers answer questions on bait colour, fishing with braid and rigs for winter carp.


Lane’s Way

Amid bagging a number of big carp, Dave Lane has discovered that there’s more to struggling in winter than meets the eye.


PLUS – Readers letters, six pages of the latest and greatest tackle reviewed, Reader Review, collect token two of The Best Comp In The World, £17,000 Trakker comp and loads more.