Total Carp – March 2007

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Something For The Weekend
In their new series, Chris Rose and Steve Spurgeon visit busy day ticket waters at weekends to pit their wits against pressured carp.

Follow Your Instinct
Dave Levy proves that using intuition on a new water can pay dividends and reveals some top virgin-territory tactics.

Plastic Surgery – Part Two
The ultimate rig for plastic baits, the best artificial baits for carp and using plastic hook baits at night. One of the country’s best carp anglers, Dave Lane, explains all.

Roll Your Own
Marc Coulson shows you a simple, effective pineapple pop-up recipe that will catch you carp.

Close Encounters

In a nail-biting contest, Derek Ritchie takes on TC reader John Spicer at Larford Lakes where they experience plenty of frantic night-time action.

Zigging With Maggots

Craig Waddington reveals his revolutionary new tactic to catch late-winter and early spring carp. Give it a try, it’s deadly.

How To Avoid Tether Rigs
Tether rigs are dangerous and banned on almost all carp venues. What constitutes a tether rig and how do you avoid them?

En Route For Big Carp – Part Two

Following a slow start to his French trip things get better for Neil Smith as a change of tactics brings results.

Size Matters
Why do single hook baits work and how can altering the size of your baits help you catch carp? Nick Helleur has the answers.

What’s In The Bag?
What items of tackle would Danny Fairbrass not go fishing without?

Lane’s Way

After losing his way for a couple of weeks, Dave Lane follows his own advice and soon finds himself back among those big carp.

Power Of The Glug!
Used correctly, glugged baits can put extra carp on the bank. Brian and Martin Skyoles tell us how and why.

Advice Squad
If you’ve ever fancied having your carp fishing conundrums solved by some of the nation’s top specimen carp anglers, here’s your chance.

The Dawn Chorus

Iain Macmillan proves how an early start and the right approach can mean instant bites and prolonged day-sessions.

We have £1,560 worth of Chub Vantage rods that must be won.

Pure Gold
Total Carp’s Jon Bones recalls a session when he achieved a long-standing goal and finally bagged a big common carp – what a feeling.

PLUS: Readers letters, News ‘N’ Stuff, more tackle than you can shake a considerably-large stick at, the TC boys find out which style of tackle box is best, all the knots you’ll ever need to know, explained and much more.

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