AnglingForums have pulled a ‘masterstroke’ (according to the author, who happens to run Angling Forums) and clinched the northern round of the Intersite Challenge at the out of form Poppleton lakes.

AnglingForums won 3 out of the 4 leg series


The Intersite Series 2004


1st Angling Forums with 118 points

2nd Total Fishing with 108 points

3rd Maggotdrowning with 98 points

4th Talk Angling with 50 points (missed one match)


Northern Leg…….. Poppleton Lakes

1st Angling Forums – 30 points

2nd Total Fishing – 28 points

3rd Maggotdrowning – 23 points

4th Talk Angling – 17 points


Eastern Leg…….. Barford

1st Angling Forums: 33 Points

2nd Maggotdrowners: 28 Points

3rd Total Fishing: 23 Points


Western Intersite…….Kennet and Avon Canal 1st Total-Fishing Total 28 points 2nd AnglingForums Total 25 points 3rd Maggot Drowners Total 24 points 4th Talk Angling Total 18 points


Southern Intersite……. Hartleylands

1st Angling Forums – 30 pts Total Fishing – 29 pts 3rd Maggotdrowners – 23 pts 4th Talk Angling – 15 pts )


The Intersite is a Match series between