December issue


8 News

Read about the proposed increase in bass size limits. It could mean more and bigger bass for all of us.

10 Catch Scene

We¹ve never known a year like it! You¹ve been catching more double-figure bass than ever before ­ find out where from.

16 Black Lug!

Times they are a changing. TSF discovers that black lugworm is going to be the number-one cod bait this year!

22 The Fish Finder

Snakes alive! If you want to get your string pulled by something other than a cod, we show you how to do battle with the mighty conger.

30 British Open Preview

It¹s bigger and better than ever before. Take a look at what¹s in store for the UK¹s biggest open shore competition.

34 Ask Us A Question

You¹re sea fishing problems answered by our panel of experts.

38 On Your Marks

Felixstowe in Suffolk plays host to this month¹s angling challenge. What a superb mark!

46 Boulby¹s Pot Of Gold
Darren Taylor reveals his favourite northeast cod mark, in detail and just for you!

Total Tackle
55 TSF Tackle Awards

Your chance to have your say on the best tackle products, companies and innovations of 2005.

58 Testing Times

Barney Wright has a fling with the new, 14ft Powerstorm Odysseus beachcaster.
Barney also puts the new, 16ft, three-piece Carbon Metal SRE to the ultimate test.

60 Shore Tackle

Is this the end for coasters? Check out the new Talon reel grip, plus loads more.

64 On Test

The Parker Adjustable Pro Match Rod Rest has to be the best we¹ve seen, here in the TSF office. Discover why.

66 Loadsa Luggage!
Take a look at this lot ­ the new range of Imax luggage, specifically designed for sea anglers.

70 Boat Tackle

The DAM Bulldozer 10lb-15lb Boat Rod and some new braid from Sea Match are reviewed this month.

73 Revved Up

One of the most popular outboard engines for craft in the range of 14ft to 16ft is the Yamaha F30A. Here¹s whyŠ

75 Electronics

We review the Eagle SeaChamp 2,000C-DF Sonar/GPS and the Standard Horizon HX270E VHF Radio.

78 Boat Test

Mike Thrussell explores the Terhi 385 Dinghy measuring 12ft 6in long ­ an ideal first-boat choice.

108 Bird¹s Eye View

David Bird focuses on genetically modified fatty acids and the plight of the world¹s tuna stocks.

109 Hitting The Horizon

The latest news and results from the world champs, plus more international events.

82 YYS International Boat Angling Challenge

Who won what, and all the details why you should enter this big money boat comp next year.

86 Hidden Treasures Of The North Sea Part Two

Last month we talked tope, now we¹re trolling for bass with lures and catching pollack on live launce!

94 Wet Dreams

Jim O¹Donnell discovers a boat competition format that we really should be adopting here in the UK.

106 Tide Table

Don¹t get your tides mixed up! You could be in for some serious cod fishing this month.


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