Jason Cann shows how to tie a simple surface controller rig for non-pressured or commercial waters.

FOR carp that aren’t too pressured, this standard controller rig is well worth trying.

The advantage of it includes the fact that the float is easily visible, letting you know exactly where your hook bait is. Also, the Gold Label float I use with this rig is great because it really flies out on the cast. The heaviest float in the range will go well over the 70-yard mark in the right pair of hands and on balanced tackle.

Of course, you can use this float rig with any bait you fancy, but in this instance I’ve used the Partridge and Enterprise artificial bread flakes. These are artificials that I haven’t really tried yet, but I am assured they work well.

I’ll be giving them a go later in the summer, so I will report back on them – suffice to say they must be an advantage because they won’t come off the hook and the waterfowl won’t eat it!

To tie the rig you’ll need a Gold Label controller, narrow-bore beads, float stops and a hook.
Thread a float stop up your main line, followed by a bead, the float, another bead and another float stop.
STEP Three
Tie up a hook link that’s between three and 10 feet long. Tie on a hook and thread some artificial flake onto the hook.
Finally, the finished rig. This is a surface set-up that has caught very many carp over the years – and it still works.