AT a recent meeting in London Chaired by NFA President Mr Ken Ball President, and attended by Ted Tuckerman of the NFSA; Marsh Prately & Phil Smith of SAA, Malcolm Hanson of the S&TA,  and scientific advisers Nigel Hewlett of the Environment Agency and Oliver Crimmen of the Natural History Museum, the following decision was made:-


Cultivated – Rainbow Trout Record:-


The Committee carefully considered the Cultivated Rainbow Trout Record of 36 lbs 14ozs 8 drms, following statements by the captor Mr Clive White in which he suggested he never actually caught the fish.


These statements, which became very high profile in the media, have cast doubts on the authenticity of the current record thus placing the Committee in a very difficult position. The Committee wish to make it very clear that it acted in good faith in ratifying the record in 1995 but following the receipt of a letter from Mr White, has decided to suspend the record pending the outcome of any legal action that may be taken. However until the matter is resolved, the Committee will acknowledge fish above the previous record of 30lbs 12ozs, that being a fish caught by Mr Tony Flower at Tavistock Trout Fishery in July