The Angling Trust is delighted to announce that it has signed a three year deal with the Italian manufacturer, Tubertini (UK) Ltd to sponsor the Angling Trust  England World Boat Team.  Tubertini (UK) Ltd will provide branded clothing, tackle and merchandise for the Team England World Boat Team in their sponsorship deal.  The England team will be officially known as ‘Tubertini Team England World Boat Team’.

Tubertini’s involvement and support of the England World Boat Team will help enhance the team’s performance using high quality tackle.  The sponsorship was announced at the England Team’s first official training session of the year on Monday 11th June 2012 at Weymouth.  Sandra Drew, Angling Trust’s Competitions & Events Manager, Barney Wright, Editor, Total Sea Fishing and Jim Whippy,  Editor, Boat Fishing were in attendance.
The Tubertini Team England World Boat Team for 2012 are; Neil Bryant (Manager), Rolf Marschalek, Ray Barron, Colin Searles, Cliff  Newbold, Gary Galbraith and Dave Mann (Reserve).  The CIPS International World Boat Championships will be held in La Rochelle, France from 1st – 8th September 2012.
Neil Bryant, World Boat Team Manager said “On behalf of the team I feel the three year sponsorship agreement that the Angling Trust has secured from Tubertini (UK) Ltd and Italy will be vital to the continued development and success of the England World Boat Team.  This will enable the team to use top quality Tubertini products and compete against many of the other top European teams on a more level playing field.” 
Mark Theadon, Director of Tubertini (UK) Ltd said “Tubertini is proud to announce that it has signed a sponsorship deal with the England World boat team and it gives me great pleasure to step in as the team’s main sponsor in readiness for this years World Championships in France.
“Tubertini lead the way with innovative products for sea fishing and it is no secret that the worlds leading boat anglers have used Tubertini rods, reels and terminal tackle with great success over a number of years at international events. I am looking forward to working with the Angling Trust and Team England, making sure the team has the latest and best products available to help in their quest for Gold at the World Championships.”
Sandra Drew, Competitions & Events Manager, Angling Trust stated “The Angling Trust would like to thank Mark and everyone at Tubertini (UK) Ltd for sponsoring the England World Boat Team over the next three years, and we look forward to working with Tubertini to maximise their sponsorship with the England World Boat Team, and we are very grateful to their support and involvement at this level of the sport.  I would like to thank the England World Boat team for inviting me out on their first official training session of the year which let me see the level of commitment and hard work the team put into competing at World Championship level.   I wish the team all the success in bringing home the medals this year at the CIPS World Boat Championships in France.”
The Angling Trust and Tubertini Team England World Boat Team would also like to express their appreciation and thanks to the skipper on 11th June, David Gibson who did a wonderful job looking after everyone on board Meerkat.