Top Pool
Pellet to the islands has been producing plenty of carp up to 2lb.  Maggot always produces plenty of silverfish action.  Meat at 4m is going well with good weights also being caught on a cat meat based paste with f1’s and commons to 4lb.

Bottom Pool
Method feeder to the islands with corn or meat has been producing good bags of fish with mirrors and common carp up to 15lb.  White maggot down the tracks 6m-8m is producing mirrors to 1.5lb plus bream, roach and perch to the 1lb mark.
Paste down the edges at 6m for carp up to the 5lb mark.
House Pool
Feeder or method to the island on maggot for large mirrors and common carp.  Maggot has also been catching good bags of silver – roach skimmers, tench and bream.
Meat, corn and pellet at 7m and down the edges is producing good bags of f1’s to 2lb.
Extension pool
Chopped worm over to the island with chopped worm and casters for f1’s to 3lb plus mirrors and common carp up to 8lb.  Banded pellet up in the water is also catching good bags of f1’s. 
Inside line @ 3m with chopped meat is producing very large 150lb plus bags of f1’s up to 3lb in weight.  Maggots for silvers – bream, roach and tench.

New Pool
The match on Sunday produced a 130lb bag of silvers on caster shallow in the water.  Chopped meat to the island and chopped worm is also producing good bags of fish.
Paste down the margins is now starting to produce consistent weights of 100lb plus.
Maggots are providing good silverfish action for roach, perch, chub and skimmers.

Canal Pool
Banded pellet 4mm and maggot up in the water are producing bags of f1’s to 3lb.  Corn or pellet over to the islands is also producing good bags of fish with mirrors and commons being the target. The fish being caight are around the 12lb mark.
Paste down the edges at 3m is now coming into its own with a match being won with 127lb 10oz (mirrors, f1’s and common carp) during the week.
Club Pool
Chopped worm and caster to the islands is working best at the moment for large mirrors, commons and f1 carp. Bream to 4lb falling to corn over hemp down the track at 7m.
Barbel up to the 2lb mark are being taken on small cubes of meat down the edges.  Plenty of silvers (roach, tench, perch) falling to bronze maggot.

Jenny’s Pool
Plenty of silverfish bags falling to white maggots.  Method feeder to the island with meat or corn has been catching the larger carp up to 10lb.  Inside line on the top of the shelf at 3m with paste is catching plenty of f1’s up to 3lb.  Lots of fish falling to pellet up in the water at 7m.

Date: Monday 2nd May 2011
Pools: Extension Pool 
No F/Man: 22

Match Report:
1st: Banded pellet to the islands for f1’s up to 2lb.
2nd: Pellet @ 6m  down the edge for f1 carp, skimmers & roach.
3rd: Paste down the edge for f1 carp and mirrors up to 4lb.

1st Pete Caton Dynamite Baits/Banbury Gunsmiths 108 – 3 – 0 39
2nd Garry Cook Mosella 97 – 5 – 0 10
3rd Chris Neale Rutlanders 72 – 2 – 0 3
4th Luke Capewell Drop outs 71 – 13 – 0 7
5th Paul Caswell Shakespeare 64 – 6 – 0 10
6TH Rob Avery Redditch 59 – 2 – 0 30

Date: Wednesday 4th May 2011
Pools: Extension Pool
No F/Man: 20

Match Report:
1st: Paste @ 4m & in the margins for f1 carp & stockies.
2nd: Paste down the edges for f1’s to 1lb and mirrors to 3lb
3rd: Maggot up/down in the water @ 7m for f1 carp, roach & skimmers.

1st Pete Hancox Birmingham 53 – 4 – 0 1
2nd Chris Neale Rutlanders 49 – 7 – 0 37
3rd Chris Chamberlin Tunnel Barn Farm 38 – 11 – 0 7
4th John Stone Straftford 32 – 6 – 0 4
5th Kevin Keasey Tunnel Barn Farm Vets 29 – 6 – 0 10
6TH Jamie Keasey Tunnel Barn Farm 29 – 0 – 0 13

Date: Saturday 7th May 2011
Pools: Extension pool 
No F/Man: 23

Match Report:
1st: Chopped meat to the island @ 16m for f1’s to 2lb.
2nd: Bread up in the water @ 7m for f1’s & skimmers.
3rd: Pellet down the edges @ 4m for f1’s to 1.5lb.

1st Stu Palsar Shakespeare 110 – 7 – 0 30
2nd Paul Newell Kingsmill Redditch 109 – 15 – 0 5
3rd Paul Caswell Shakespeare 104 – 12 – 0 10
4th Chris Neale Rutlanders 96 –15  – 0 28
5th Rob Avery Redditch 91 – 4 – 0 26
6TH Pete Hancox Birmingham 90 – 9 – 0 22
7th  Pete Caton Dynamite Baits/Banbury Gunsmiths 87 – 10 – 0 38
8TH  Ron Biggs HMP 84 – 2 – 0 3

Date: Sunday 8th May 2011
Pools: New & Extension pools
No F/Man: 39

Match Report:
1st: Chopped meat down the edges for f1 carp to 3lb.
2nd: Pellet @ 7m & 3m down the edges for f1’s to 2lb.
3rd: Caster shallow @ 7m for f1’s chub, roach & skimmers.
1st Stu Palsar Shakespeare 173 – 10 – 0 E 23
2nd Gary Cook Mosella 134 – 3 – 0 E 27
3rd Warren Peaty Farnham 128 – 8 – 0 N 26
4th Pete Bennett Banbury Gunsmiths 121 – 9 – 0 N 35
5th Aid Mansfield Yorkshire Baits 119 – 10 – 0 N 33
6TH Paul Newell Kingsmill Redditch 118 – 2 – 0 N 10
7th  Pete Hancox Birmingham 110 – 1 – 0 N 16
8TH Steve Tucker Thatchers Somerset 105 – 7 – 0 E 3