With the warm weather holding the fishery has fished particularly well over the past week with match weights up to 150lb required to win the opens and pleasure anglers reporting mixed bags up to 100lb of fish. The fish are now coming up in the water with maggot and pellet still being the best baits for pleasure anglers. Pellet and paste through groundbait slop has been working well for the match anglers.

Top Pool Pellet to the islands or at 6m for f1’s, ide, roach & skimmers.Paste down the inner margins at 3m is now starting to produce the better stamp of f1’s.Maggot shallow and on the deck has been producing large bags of silvers.

Bottom Pool Pellet at 6m to 8m has been producing f1’s and silverfish.Pleasure anglers have reported large bags of perch up to 2.5lb being caught on chopped worm.Anglers now trying past down the inner margins have reported catches of mirrors and commons up to 18lb.Corn and meat over micro pellet down the edges has started to produce mirrors, commons and large f1’s

House Pool Method feeder to the island using dead red maggot in a yellow toffee groundbait  has been tempting large mirrors and commons.Pellet at 6m or 8m down on the deck for mixed bags of f1’s, bream, roach and carp.Corn down the edges over micro pellet is now producing a larger stamp of f1 carp.Meat, paste and corn over micro pellet down the edges, is now starting to produce good bags of fish.

Extension pool Bronze maggot at 4m to 6m on the deck with constant feeding has been catching large bags of f1 carp, skimmers and roach.  Pellet at 14m on the deck for large f1’s. Match anglers are now starting to use paste down the edges and bigger f1’s are being caught.

New Pool Pellet and maggot have been the best baits on this lake long to the island or @ 6m and down the edges.  F1’s and plenty of skimmers and roach are being caught.4mm cubes of meat over micro pellet down the edges for large f1’s, mirrors & commons. Pleasure anglers have reported mixed bags f1’s and stockies to 110lb on 4mm pellet over micro pellet on the deck.

Canal PoolIn general pellet and maggot are the best baits at 6-8m and across to the island.Mirrors and Commons are feeding and pleasure anglers are reporting f1’s up to 2lbGood bags of silvers being caught.Anglers are reporting large bags of mirrors and f1’s being caught using paste, meat and corn down the edges. 

Club Pool Pellet to the island over micro pellet for f1’s, mirrors, roach & bream.Stockies and f1’s at 4-10m down the track on pellet.Pellet or maggot at 6-8m has been working well. Pleasure anglers have reported that corn or meat down the edges has produced good bags of f1’s stockies & mirrors.

Jenny’s PoolPellet or maggot to the island or at 6-8m down the track has been producing good bags of f1’s, silvers and mirrors.The fish have moved into the inner margins.Corn over micro pellet has been producing large f1’s.Paste at 4m and down the edges is now starting to produce good bags of fish.

Date: Monday 19th March 2012Pools: New Pool.No F/man: 20
1st: Method feeder to the aerator with meat on the hook for f1’s to 2lb.2nd: Pellet down the edge through slop f1’s, commons and mirrors.3rd: Pellet down the middle for f1`s, roach & skimmers.
Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Denis Lutwyche Hawksbury 106 – 15 102nd Peter Hancox Birmingham 78   –  8 73rd Andy Searle Middy 65   – 10 244th Rob Swain White Hart Birmingham 57   –  1 415th Malcom Jones Banbury Guns 49   –  5 336TH Graham Young Young MG TBF 48   –  1 30

Date: Tuesday 20th March 2012 TBF over 50’s ClubPools: Club & Canal Pools.No F/Man: 30
Match Report: 1st: Pellet over micro pellet to the island, down the track & down the edges for f1’s & stockies.2nd: Pellet over micro pellet to the island, down the track & down the edges for f1’s & stockies.3rd: Pellet over micro pellet to the island, down the track & down the edges for f1’s & stockies. Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Dave Chapman White Hart Coventry 144  – 13 CA 152nd Tony McGuire TBF Vets 117  –  4 CA 133rd John Lavender ME and ME 102  – 13 CA 214th Dave Kingerlee TBF Vets 83   –  9 CL 115th Ron Notley Starlet Vets 66   –  3 CL 156TH John Wills TBF Vets 58   –  1 CL 13
Date: Wednesday 21st March 2012 Pools: Jennys Pool.No F/Man: 17
Match Report: 1st: Pellet @ 9m to the island and down to the platforms on both edges for f1’s, stockies & skimmers.2nd: Corn down the edges for f1’s, mirrors & commons.3rd: Pellet @ 4m on the deck & pellet through groundbait slop down the edges for f1’s.
Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Richard Knowles M.C.M. 102 – 13 112nd Andrew Jackson Mosella 87   –  0 23rd Peter Hancox Birmingham 82   –  8 194th Peter Rice Bagem Baits 67   –  0 45th Chris Neal Rutlanders 60   –  4 66TH Tom Neal Rutlanders 59   –  6 2

Date: Thursday 22nd March 2012      TBF VETS MATCHPools: Club, Jennys & Canal Pools.No F/Man: 66
Match Report: 1st: Banded Pellet up in the water for f1’s, mirrors & commons.2nd: Pellet @ 14m to the island and down the edges for f1’s & mirrors3rd: Paste down the edges & pellet @ 6m on the deck for f1’s, mirrors & commons.
Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Ken Turner TBF Vets 88  –  15 CA 52nd John Stockton TBF Vets 84  –  10 CL 173rd Tony Mcguire TBF Vets 76  – 6 J 234th Reg Davis TBF Vets 64  –  9 CA 195th Dave Rowberry TBF Vets 63  –  5 CA 26th Chris Haile TBF Vets 60  – 9 CL 27
Date: Friday 23rd MARCH 2012Pools: House PoolNo F/Man:  21
1st: Bread up in the water @ 7m for f1’s to 2.5lb, commons & mirrors.2nd: Banded pellet & paste shallow @ 13m through groundbait slop for mirrors, commons & f1’s to 2.5lb.3rd: Pellet down the edge for f1’s, roach & skimmers.
 Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Andy Jackson Mosella 148 – 15 122nd Danny Tresigne Mosella 105 – 10 83rd Peter Hughes Team no-one 97 – 6 64th Ian Cox Tunnel Barn Farm 84 – 11 295th Pete Hancox Birmingham 79 – 8 336TH Chris Constable Tunnel Barn Farm Vets 57 –13 1

Date: Saturday 24th MARCH 2012 Pools:  New poolNo F/Man: 30
1st: Pellet @ 5m straight out in front and down the edges for f1’s to 4lb.2nd: Pellet @ 14m down the track for f1’s to 2.5lb, roach & skimmers.3rd: Pellet @ 6m straight out on the deck for f1’s to 2lb, stockies, roach & skimmers.

Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Pete Rice Bagem Baits 91 – 0 192nd Pete Caton Banbury Gunsmiths 81 – 4 253rd Paul Bick Shakespeare 66 – 15 314th Chris Neale Rutlanders 64 – 7 445th Pete Hancox Birmingham 63 – 12 16th Stu Palsar Middy / Banbury Gunsminths 60 – 13 407th R Mallabone Alvechurch 60 – 0 218th David James Mosella 59 – 1 42

Date: SUNDAY 25TH MARCH 2012Pools: House PoolNo F/Man:  31
1st: 4mm cubes of meat shallow feeding 2mm cubes of meat @ 4m for f1’s mirrors & commons to 5lb.2nd: 4mm cubes of meat to the island @ 11m for f1’s to 3lb.3rd: bread flake shallow through slop@ 7m & 16m for mirrors & commons to 8lb & f1’s to 2lb.  Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Lee Kington Moseley AC 72 – 4 292nd Steve Conway Maver 68 – 5 53rd Darren Bolton Maver Tipton 62 – 1 304th Ricky Small Duke 59 – 10 185th David James Mosella 59 – 1 246th John Stockton Barford AC 58 – 5 347th T Mustacone Alvechurch 53 – 6 17th M Prosser Maver Tipton 52 – 0 33