With the warm weather holding the fishery has fished particularly well over the past week with match weights up to 181lb required to win the opens and pleasure anglers reporting mixed bags up to 110lb of fish.  Maggot and pellet are still the best baits for pleasure anglers. Pellet and paste and bread through bread slop has been working well for the match anglers.
Top PoolPellet to the islands or at 6m for f1’s, ide, roach & skimmers.Paste down the inner margins at 3m is now starting to produce the better stamp of f1’s
Bottom PoolPellet at 6m to 8m has been producing f1’s and silverfish.Pleasure anglers have reported large bags of perch up to 3lb being caught on chopped worm.Anglers now trying past down the inner margins have reported catches of mirrors and commons up to 11lb.
House PoolCage feeder to the island using red maggot has been tempting large mirrors and commons.Pellet at 6m or 8m down on the deck for mixed bags of f1’s, bream, roach and carp.Corn down the edges over micro pellet is now producing a larger stamp of f1 carp.
Extension poolBronze maggot at 4m to 6m on the deck with constant feeding has been catching large bags of f1 carp, skimmers and roach.  Pellet at 14m on the deck for large f1’s.  
New PoolPellet and maggot have been the best baits on this lake long to the island or @ 6m and down the edges.  F1’s and plenty of skimmers and roach are being caught.4mm cubes of meat over micro pellet down the edges for large f1’s, mirrors & commons.The introduction of the stockies, has stimulated the f1’s into feeding.  Pleasure anglers have reported mixed bags f1’s and stockies to 110lb on 4mm pellet over micro pellet on the deck.
Canal PoolIn general pellet and maggot are the best baits at 6-8m and across to the island.Mirrors and Commons are feeding and pleasure anglers are reporting f1’s up to 2lbGood bags of silvers being caught.Paste down the edges is bringing a larger stamp of f1’s and mirrors.
Club Pool Pellet to the island over micro pellet for f1’s, mirrors, roach & bream.Stockies and f1’s at 4-10m down the track on pellet.Pellet or maggot at 6-8m has been working well.Pleasure anglers have reported that corn or meat down the edges has produced good bacgs of f1’s stockies & mirrors.
Jenny’s PoolPellet or maggot to the island or at 6-8m down the track has been producing good bags of f1’s, silvers and mirrors.The fish have moved into the inner margins.Corn over micro pellet has been producing large f1’s.

Date: Monday 5th March 2012Pools: Bottom Pool.No F/man: 17
1st: Pellet @ 7m on the deck & corn down the edges for f1’s and mirrors to 1.5lb.2nd: Pellet over to the island and meat down the left hand side f1`s, & mirrors.3rd: Pellet to the island & down the edge for f1`s & mirrors. 
Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Peter Hancox Birmingham 50  –  2 102nd Keith Burbridge TBF 38  – 10 253rd Dave Callaham MeashamRedfins 33  – 10 54th Tom Neal Rutlanders 33  –  8 305th Robert Swain White Hart Birmingham 31  – 15 286TH Graham Young Youngs TBF 27  –  7 22

Date: Tuesday 6th March 2012 TBF over 50’s ClubPools: New Pool.No F/Man: 28
Match Report: 1st: Pellet @ 6m on the deck  & 7m down the left hand edge for f1’s to 2lb stockies.2nd: Pellet @ 4m down the left hand side for f1’s to 2.5lb, roach & skimmers.3rd: Pellet to the island and corn down the right hand side for f1’s, stockies, roach & skimmers. Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Peter Hancox Birmingham 47  –  1 352nd Ron Notley Starlet Vets 43  –  1 293rd John Davenport TBF Vets 33  –  1 444th Peter Rice Bagem Baits 32  –  5 45th Dave Callaham MeashamRedfins 30  – 12 276TH Kevin Keasey TBF Vets 36  – 10 13
Date: Wednesday 7th March 2012 Pools: Extension Pool.No F/Man: 17
Match Report: 1st: Pellet @ 6m and paste @ 3m down the edge for f1’s to 2.5lb.2nd: Pellet @ 6m on the deck straight in front for f1’s roach & skimmers.3rd: 2mm cubes of meat over micro pellet @ 4m down the edges for f1’s, roach & skimmers.
Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Tom Neal Rutlanders 60  – 14 212nd Chris Constable TBF Vets 49  –  3 243rd Ron Biggs OHMS 44  –  2 274th Chris Neal Rutlanders 40  –  6 35th Andy Walker Hampstead 30  –  3 106TH Malcom Jones Banbury Guns 27  – 11 7
Date: Thursday 8th March 2012      TBF VETS MATCHPools: Extension, Bottom & New Pools.No F/Man: 58
Match Report: 1st: Pellet @ 6m straight out in front for f1’s to 2lb.2nd: Pellet to the island for f1’s, mirrors & silverfish.3rd: Pellet to the island for f1’s, mirrors & silverfish.
Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st S Stokes TBF Vets 69  –  11 E 132nd Chris Constable TBF Vets 60  –  1 B 143rd John Stockton TBF Vets 58  – 12 B 154th John Davenport TBF Vets 48  –  4 B 65th Ron Knotley Meadowlands 34  –  2 N 176th John Merchant TBF Vets 30  – 46 N 44
Date: Friday 9th MARCH 2012Pools: Extension PoolNo F/Man:  22
1st: Pellet @ 6m & corn down the edge for f1’s to 4lb.2nd: Pellet to the island for f1’s roach & skimmers.3rd: Paste down the left hand edge for f1’s to 3lb. Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Pete Rice Bagem Baits 109 – 1 132nd Pete Caton Banbury Gunsmiths 83 – 11 253rd Les Wetton Tunnel Barn Farm 68 – 5 234th Pete Hancox Birmingham 59 – 7 195th Danny Tresigne Mosella 55 – 4 96TH Tom Neale Rutlanders 52 – 2 3

Date: Saturday 10th MARCH 2012 Pools:  Top & New poolsNo F/Man: 32
1st: Bread over bread slop @ 7m for f1’s up to 1lb.2nd: Pellet @ 14m to the island and down the right hand edge for f1’s, roach & skimmers. 3rd: Pellet @ 3m down the left and right hand edges for f1’s, roach & skimmers.

Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Paul Newell Kingsmill Redditch 148 – 8 T 212nd Bob Greenbury Sensas 90 – 7 T 293rd Pete Rice Bagem Baits 85 – 5 N 334th Paul Bick Shakespeare 84 – 13 T 335th Matt Barwell Maver 83 – 7 T 86th David James Mosella 81 – 10 T 147th Andy Jackson Mosella 74 – 15 N 298th Pete Caton Banbury Gunsmiths 73 –13 N 17

Date: SUNDAY 11TH MARCH 2012Pools: Canal, Club & Jennys PoolsNo F/Man:  36
1st: Bread over bread slop @ 7-9m for f1’s up to 1lb.2nd: Bread over bread slop @ 9m for f1’s up to 1lb.3rd: Pellet @ 12-14m down the left & right hand edges for f1’s to 3lb.
 Pos NAME CLUB WEIGHT PEG NO1st Paul Newell Kingsmill Redditch 181 – 3 J 242nd Rob Avery Kingfisher Angling 149 – 15 Cl 153rd Stu Palsar Banbury Gunsmiths / Middy 136 – 8 J 24th Joe Carass Match Fishing 130 – 11 Can 75th David James Mosella 130 – 4 Can 136th Pete Rice Bagem Baits 126 – 6 J 67th N Small Tunnel Barn Farm 118 – 4 Can 97th Ronnie Biggs OHMS 118 – 4 Can 19