Turkana UK is to provide support for Team England Senior & Junior World Shore Angling teams.

Through its UK distributor, the Spanish based tackle manufacturer will supply England’s Senior Shore Angling Team with product from their specialist coloured lead range and other items such as sand spikes, rig glues, rig lead clips, baiting needles and swivels as they head to the Algarve, Portugal in November for the 2015 FIPS-M World Championships. 

Turkana UK Distributor, Yilmaz Samiloglu, has also donated a £500 tackle voucher to Team England’s World Junior Shore Team, a very generous and kind gesture that will ensure that the team head to the Netherlands in their quest for gold with the best possible terminal tackle available.

Yilmaz Samiloglu, Distributor for Turkana UK said “It is a great pleasure to support the England Senior and Junior World Shore Angling teams at an international level with our quality products. I wish them the best of luck and hope to see them return safe and proud with gold.”

David Graham, England World Junior Shore Manager said “This is a very generous donation that will be a massive help for five young anglers representing England in the World Championships in Holland this October. The voucher will be put to good use supplying the lads with all the rig building materials they need for the large number of championship traces they will be making to target the bass, dab, flounder and eel of the Domberg beaches. We really cant thank Yilmaz enough.”

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