Iain Stevens with the new venue record for Pit 3.

IAIN Stevens put the seal on a gruelling seven year quest to catch all of the known fish in Pit 3 of the Frimley Complex in style by landing a new venue record specimen of 40lb 4oz.
The fish that had avoided his attentions for so long was the common known as ‘Charlie’s Mate’ and it pulled the scales around to 40lb 4oz.
It’s just one of three commons that have regularly topped the 35lb mark in recent seasons and the other two, Charlie and Shoulders are tipped to make the 40lb mark before too long.
The number of 30lb commons in the venue is thought to be now into double figures.
Iain fished an unfavoured swim that had received little attention from anglers in recent months and tricked the fish with an NRG boilie fished at 60 metres range on a small gravel patch with four broken baits on a stringer and another couple of dozen baits scattered around the area. The bait was fished on a size 6 Raptor hook to a 25lb stiff rig and 15lb line. 
In the same week and following on from the recent capture of Amwell’s ‘Jaffa’ at over 40lb in weight for the very first time and then Frimley’s ‘Charlie’s Mate’ making the magical weight for the very first time RMC Angling also has another new 40.
The fish, a common, represents the culmination of a long campaign on the water, Twyford, near reading, by Oxfordshire angler and ex-RMC Angling Head Bailiff Frank Waddom-Brown.

Frank Waddom-Brown with the latest 40.
This latest fish is arguably more noteworthy than the previous two as it is not a named fish or indeed one that has ever appeared in the press before and one that has rarely, if ever, been on the bank before,” said an RMC spokesman.