Two Austrialian anglers took over two hours to tame a 100kg (220lb) grouper they hooked off Queensland, landing it over a kilometre from where they first hooked it!

The Herald Sun reported that over 100 people watched the drama enfold off Hervey Bay, as Dylan Brooking and Chad Runnalls battled with the giant fish.

‘We fish every day pretty much and try and catch big mackerel and tuna, but this was a real thrill’, said Runnalls. ‘It’s a phenomenal fish — it’s a big beautiful girl of a fish.’

To the cheers of the onnlookers, the men released the fish back into the sea.

‘We patted her a bit and had a little bit of a moment with the fish, said, “Go on old girl,” and she took off back into the water, no problem’, Runnalls explained. ‘They are living legends those fish and you would never in a million years do anything (to harm them).’