Hook: Down eye size 10
Thread: Brown 8/0
Tail: Pale yellow buck tail
Body: Rabbit fur, yellow and natural, 50/50 mix
Wing: Pale yellow deer hair
Hackle: One grizzle cock and one yellow grizzle cock

How To Tie The Fly

1. Fix the hook in the vice, secure a slim bunch of buck tail. Keep it loose the effect you want is that of tail/shuck.
2. Stack a bunch of deer hair and measure up for size.
3. Wax the tying thread, secure the hair and allow it to flair out well, trim excess stubs when done.
4. Check fly for length and wing proportions. If you feel it looks wrong start again.
5. Make a dubbing rope with the rabbit fur. Wind on, neither to tight nor to loose.
6. Secure in the hackles one at a time. If you tie both in at once there’s a chance they may slip when being wound on.
7. Wind on hackles one at a time, four turns should be enough.
8. With the two hackles secured at the front of the hook, trim away the waste ends.
9. Whip finish at the head, trim thread and varnish, the finished fly.

Total Fly Fisher