Boilies Reign Supreme As Garbolino Dominate Barston
Round 2 of the Preston Innovations backed UK Angling Championships saw a last minute change of venue from Colemans Cottage to the coliseum of competition angling, Barston Lakes. Host venue of the British Carp Angling Championships the weekend before the UKAC, Barston saw large quantities of boilies fed in the water and the carp loved it. 
A tactical team discussion from Darren Cox saw a number of the Garbolino boys hit the lake on the feeder with bright boilies on the hook, loose feeding boilies over the top individually and continually through the match. It paid off and as the scores were checked the Garbolino anglers recorded 4 section wins, with Simon Fry taking overall honours for the whole match with 99lb 4oz and Harry Billing third overall with 91lb. 
The Garbolino boys were punctuated on the podium by a sterling performance from Preston backed Pau  l Holland with 93lb, but section wins for Cox and also tournament leader Jason Le Bosquet meant that is was a blue flush at the top and a pat on the back for boilies.
The overall tournament leader board sees Simon Fry and Jason Le Bosquet paired on two points for their section win repeat performances, and a double second for Paul Holland leaves him well in contention. Dave Swains section win and a 3rd in section for Chris Vandervleit and Matt Smith to follow their wins at Lindholme make up the top of the leader board and tee up the next round at Woodlands View perfectly.
1st  Simon Fry                  99lb 4oz
2nd Paul Holland               93lb
3rd  Harry Billing                91lb
Round 2 Section Winners 
Simon Fry, Paul Holland, Tommy Pickering, Dave Swain, Jason Le Bosquet, Darren Cox,
Jamie Hawkins, and Paul MacIntyre.
Overall Leader Board             Points
Joint 1st   Simon Fry                       2
                 Jason Le Bosquet                
Joint 3rd   Paul Holland                   4
                 Dave Swain                                    
                 Matt Smith                            
                 Chris Vandervleit                   
Joint 7th    Darren Cox                    5
                 Phil Ringer
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