What is uksaltwaterflies.com?

We are the online recourse for saltwater fly fishing and salt water fly tying 
in the UK.

We sell saltwater flies, saltwater fly tying materials and dedicated saltwater fly tackle for this growing sector of fly fishing.

You can learn to fly fish or fish lures and plugs for bass with Austen
Goldsmith, saltwater fly fishing guide and contributor to Today’s Flyfisher

We stock a huge range of flies for all types of fishing for both anglers looking for exciting saltwater fly fishing holidays in exotic locations, and for the UK salt water fly fisher. You can also find out about guided salt water fly fishing on our website.

The Flexi Crabs…

Saltwater poppers…







Our range of custom-made flies ranges fom Gummy minnows to crazy charlies or gurglers to saltwater poppers – all beautifully tied. 

The range of fly tying materials is dedicated to the saltwater scene from
Mustad to Daiichi hooks or from Angel hair to bucktails.

The Uk offers fantastic bass sport on the fly.

Bonefishing – the ultimate saltwater fly thrill.







You will also find articles that cover kayak fishing, fly tying, barramundi,
bonefishing and more.

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