Ultima have confirmed their plans to exhibit at the new TCF Showcase exhibition at Stoneleigh on April 25th 26th and 27th.

Many of Ultimas angling stars will be present to offer advice, including Andy May.

There will be a mojor line and rig clinic where anglers can test their own knots on some of Ultimas high tech lab equipment The TCF Showcase is THE chance to come and meet the stars of angling in 2008, all together under one roof and is seen by us as the most important development in shows in recent years bringing quality information and entertainment to the angling public.

Virtually anyone who is anyone in the sport will be there, helping to show off the latest gear and, with luck, available for a chat.

So if you want to meet world champions and stars of angling on TV, along with the top carp, match and big-fish anglers in the business, the TCF Showcase is not to be missed. /

Click on this link for more details www.totalcoarsefishingshow.co.uk

Yuu can currently claim a £40 Ultima line pack when you join Total-FishingClub.com