From a controlled start in 2008 where the basic distribution of Ultima was set up along with an excellent group of consultants, Ultima have now confirmed their marketing and advertising support plans for 2009 to extend Ultimas penetration in Benelux.

Continuing a successful cooperation with Spiegel magazine, Ultima will be featuring full page or double page spreads in all issues throughout the year as well as a joint promotion on magazine subscriptions featuring Ultimas Power Carp product.

Advertising is being extended for 2009 into Karper magazine with full pages each month and also into the more mainstream Beet magazine, again with full pages in every issue as well as a significant programme of product reviews and features.

Ultimas team of ten top carp consultants will continue to test and promote the products both in the press and at shows like Zwolle and Fish Ned where Ultima will take a stand in both cases.

Four of Ultima’s Dutch consultants will be fishing under the Ultima banner at the World Carp Classic on Lac Madine in September. Ardy Veltkamp, Ruud Hageman, Roderick Langeveld and Ronald Margadant.

As well as the above activities, 2009 will see the development of a Dutch language section to the website by the middle of the year and a listing of all current Ultima dealers in Holland and Belgium is already in place on the main Ultima site. There are also a number of other activities planned to raise the awareness of the brand and its products using various media types.

Ultima is looking forward to a significantly develop their position on the Belgium and Holland market in 2009 and this will continue over the next three years until Ultima is the main line supplier to the area.

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