Power Plus Technology Turned on Carp Market

mm B/St
lbs B/St
0.26 8.0 3.6
0.28 10.0 4.6
0.31 12.0 5.5
0.33 14.0 6.5
0.35 16.0 7.2
0.37 18.0 8.2

RRP/Spool   £15.95

• High Abrasion
• Low Diameter
• Fluorocarbon Coated
• Super Smooth
• Long Lasting
• High Knot Strength
• Ultra Limp
• High Wet Knot Strength
• Slow Sinking

With two products already developed to this formula, Power Plus and Power Match.  Ultima have now turned the special technology towards the specialist carp market.

The launch of Power Carp levels a major step forward in carp line design.  Based on the same remarkable technology as Power Plus that delivers extreme abrasion resistance and softness, Power Carp has been further enhanced to deliver even higher breaking strain and knot strength performance putting it ahead of the field in this area to further enhance the product.

Power Carp has been given a Fluorocarbon coating that makes it waterproof, so the diameter remains consistent and there is no loss of linear or knot strength when the line is submerged in water for no matter which length of time.  

Full details of this remarkable product are contained on the products own dedicated website ultimpower.co.uk.

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