This is from Barney Wright and Bob Cox…

If ever there was a moment when YOU should show interest in the politics of our sport – it’s NOW, because The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has published a consultation paper laying out a strategy for recreational sea angling in England.
The consultation document has been sent out to all those who DEFRA deem to be stakeholders and who have interests in our future activities. Inexplicably they include shellfish processors, commercial fishermen, surfers and various organisations from Wales and Scotland. Wales and Scotland? What does it have to do with them, because on the front cover it says England? Could it be that their views might be used to dilute our response and, when the analysis is made, it is the views of the Scottish Fish Producers Organisation that wins the day.
Sea anglers should respond to the consultation. If they don’t those mentioned above certainly will. It is vitally important that the responses from anglers, and those who provide goods and services to us, are overwhelmingly in the majority. If we don’t respond, our future will be in the hand of others, just as it is now… so get going and respond!

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