The IGFA is launching a video competition for young anglers who can show that they know how to safely handle and return fish.

Fisherman the world over up to 16 years of age are invited to submit a video entry of no more than three minutes in length and the best might find themselves in the IGFA’s digital magazine.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a tarpon, a carp, a salmon or a barbel – in fact it can be any species. They want to know that you know what you are doing when it comes to looking after your catch, and you have until the end of May 2013 to get your entry in via You Tube.

The Competition
Young anglers up to age 16 are invited to enter the IGFA’s first video contest by submitting a short video – no more than three minutes – showing others how to properly release fish. Share your best release tips and your enthusiasm for good fishing practices, and we just might pick your video for theIGFA Junior Angler website, our Facebook page, and maybe even the next issue of the International Angler!

The Details:
Who can enter: Anglers up to 16 years old

The criteria: Submit a video no longer than three minutes that shows others how to properly release a catch. Check out our page on catch and release practices for inspiration!

How to submit: Upload your video to YouTube and email us ( the link with the subject line “Check out my Junior Angler catch and release video!” Be sure to include your name, age, and a brief description of your video including the type of fish you caught and where you caught it.

Deadline: All submission emails must be received by midnight EST on Friday, May 31, 2013.

The Prize
Your video, if selected, will be featured on the IGFA Junior Angler website, on theIGFA Facebook page, and in the International Angler magazine, reaching tens of thousands of anglers around the world! In addition, the TOP video will receive a special limited edition poster and a package from IGFA Education Director Jeff Mackin.

What are you waiting for? Brush up on the best catch and release practices, grab your rod and camera (and maybe some friends!), and get to work making the best video for our video contest. Only videos submitted by midnight on May 31st will be considered, so get out on the water and catch ‘em up!