Stratford angler Gavin Heritage has set what’s thought to be a new Warwickshire Avon barbel record with a 16lb 4oz brute caught in the last week of the season.

Gavin was fishing a stretch in his home town with a 14mm Dynamite Baits Monster crab boilies and also added a 12lb carp.

Gavin cradles his 16lb 4oz Warwickshire Avon barbel, thought to be a new river record. understands the fish was weighed on Avon scales and witnessed by two other anglers who were on the bank, Tim Wakefield and Peter Bridge.

“The fish came after a season long campaign, which is my first season targeting the species,” Gavin told . “What a way to end the season, hey?”

Gavin was fishing 20lb Calcutta Ultra Braid to a 12lb ESP Sinklink hooklength attached to a Drennan Super Specialist Barbel size 6 hook and beat it using a Wychwood Barbel Double Top rod.