Wayne Swinscoe topped the latest open on the Warwickshire Avon at Evesham with a quality double-figure bag of chub and roach.

“It’s been a good few years since I fished a winter match at Evesham, but I decided to visit after hearing they’d started catching some decent weights on both bread punch and bronze maggots,” said Wayne.

“Looking at river conditions before the draw I thought there was a couple of inches of extra water and a tinge of colour. Although the air temperature was rising the water was extremely cold. Anglers were talking roach. I was thinking chub!

“After drawing peg 50 at the bottom of the White House Bend, a really good peg any time of the year, I was dead chuffed. For me it was going to be a simple day; bread punch on the pole at 11m, stick float and waggler beyond the middle with bronze maggots.

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