Carlton Burr from Banks and Burr tackle shop in Rugby says that he’s seeing more and more river anglers coming into his shop.

“Of course there’s still a lot of anglers who just want to fish the carp pools like Drayton and Boddington, but it’s been noticeable that more and more of my customers this year have been willing to give the rivers a try,” says Carlton, whose been involved with the Claremont Road shop for 17 years.

“The Warwickshire Avon on the Lido at Stratford is very popular as is the river at the park in Warwick. But too many anglers ignore the upper river close to Rugby itself. Newbold for instance is full of fish, including good roach, chub, bream and even carp.”

Banks and Burr have revamped their shop this year and are also pushing the online side of the business – their new look website can be viewed at .