Welcome to this years ladies festival. Twenty ladies are fishing the festival this year and it’s really nice to be able to welcome some new ladies to the festival as well as those returning who took place last year.

The festival is taking place on Twin Oaks and there are two sections of 10 that have been split down into two smaller groups of five. The lakes are been split into four zones and over the three days the sections will fish both lakes at least once.

The White Acres England Ladies team were on hand on Sunday and Monday to give some top tips and advice (and also to pick up some) whilst all the entrants had two days of fun & practise on the lakes. This year we have changed the format for the final day to put everyone on more of an even keel – stay tuned for details of the change.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are the competition days (with the main presentation on Thursday night) and on Friday we are having an open match for the ladies.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Walls for sponsoring this event and thank you & good luck to all the ladies fishing this week.


Day one.


Despite the fact we are now going into the heart of the summer – the only summer signs we are seeing is the “typical English” cloud and showers!! This however has not put a dampener on anyone – all the ladies are raring to go and an exciting few days are ahead of us. The ladies have spent the last two days having a practise on the lake so they now know what to expect. Read on to find out how they got on.


Twin Oaks (low numbers)


First on the lake goes to the 2004 winner Catherine Furness, Catherine fished the waggler with pellet from peg 7 weighing in with a very impressive 62lb 1oz – a great start to the festival for her. Rita Bell on peg 11 picked up second on the lake with 59lb 12oz, Rita caught down the edge on the pole with corn and fed pellet & caster, she caught a mixed bag of carp, bream and tench, the largest carp being 5lb. Wendy Halliday on peg 10 picked up third on the lake, Wendy fished the feeder with corn & meat catching mainly carp to 1 1/2 lbs for a total weight of 58lb  8oz.


Section Winners


RITA BELL                                        5 POINTS                  59lb 12oz

CATHERINE FURNESS    5 POINTS                  62lb 1oz


Twin Oaks (high numbers)


Helen Dagnall takes first on the lake with 26lb 6oz; Helen on peg 28 caught 15 carp on the waggler and 2 carp and some silvers on the pole shallow. Team mate Claire Dagnall on peg 26 picked up second on the lake, Claire also caught on the waggler and also on the pole shallow, she had a nice haul of 24 small carp and some silvers for a total weight of 25lb 10oz. Third on the lake went to Sharon Selby, Sharon on peg 22 caught all carp on the long pole totalling 24lb 14oz


Section Winners


SHARON SELBY                            5 POINTS                  24lb 14oz

HELEN DAGNALL              5 POINTS                  26lb 6oz


Overall Top 10


1st        Catherine Furness              5 points          62lb 1oz

2nd       Rita Bell                                 5 points          59lb 12oz

3rd        Helen Dagnall                      5 points          26lb 6oz

4th        Sharon Selby                       5 points          24lb 14oz

5th        Wendy Halliday                    4 points          58lb 8oz

6th        Amanda Barber                    4 points          51lb 4oz

7th        Claire Dagnall                      4 points          25lb 19oz

8th        Lavina Stretton                     4 points          17lb 4oz

9th        Wendy Locker                      3 points          45lb 9oz

10th     Gaynor Mills              3 points          40lb 14oz



Day Two


Nervousness and trepidation has gone out of the window, all the ladies have seemed to have bonded and as well as sharing drinks in the bar they are also sharing baits on the bank! The weather is still not the best but at least we are having showers not down pours and the wind is not too strong.


Twin Oaks (high numbers)


Wendy Locker picks up the lake win with 46lb 2oz, Wendy on peg 32 caught an impressive net of Carp (over 40) these were caught on the scud & maggot and the bomb on pellet. Second on the lake goes to Amanda Barber, Amanda on peg 26 caught in the pole in the margins on pellet and worm for a total weight of 40lb 8oz. Rita Bell followed her day one win with third on the lake with 37lb 3oz, Rita on peg 22 fished corn on the feeder for the first half of the match and then down the edge on the pole for the remained of the match catching mainly carp averaging 1lb.


Section Winners


WENDY LOCKER               5 POINTS                  46lb 2oz

RITA BELL                                        5 POINTS                  37lb 3oz


Twin Oaks (low numbers)


First on the lake goes to Helen Dagnall, Helen on peg 17 caught 8 carp on the waggler with pellet, a couple shallow with meat and the remainder down the edge and on the short pole with meat & pellet, it was all carp in the net totalling 62lb 2oz. On peg 11 Claire Dagnall picked up second on the lake weighing 47lb 9oz, Claire caught approximately 21 carp on the waggler and on the pole close with meat & pellet.


Section Winners


HELEN DAGNALL              5 POINTS                  62lb 2oz

YVONNE NICHOLLS                      5 POINTS                  21lb 3oz        



Overall Top Ten



1st        Rita Bell                                 10 point’s                   96lb 15oz

2nd       Helen Dagnall                      10 point’s                   88lb 8oz

3rd        Amanda Barber                    8 point’s                    91lb 12oz                  

4th        Wendy Locker                      8 point’s                    91lb 11oz

5th        Wendy Halliday                    8 point’s                    87lb

6th        Catherine Furness              8 point’s                    82lb 9oz

7th        Claire Dagnall                      8 point’s                    73lb 3oz

8th        Sharon Selby                       8 point’s                    63lb 15oz

9th        Irene Lewis                           7 point’s                    36lb 5oz

10th     Gaynor Mills              6 points                     64lb 8oz



Day Three – The Final


A shake up!!

After two days of fishing in the same sections there is now a move about. We are changing the sections to give everyone a chance to win some money, rather than seeding the match from the start we have used the first two days to gauge the ladies abilities and have put them into the relevant zones. The two lakes have been split into 4 zones.


ZONE A: Pegs 11,13,14,16 & 17

ZONE B: Pegs 4,5,7,8 & 10

ZONE C: Pegs 19,20,22,23 & 25

ZONE D: Pegs 26,28,29,31 & 32


Zone A being the more favourable pegs moving down to Zone D which are considered the more challenging pegs. The top 5 will fish zone D, the next 5 fishing zone C, the next 5 fishing zone B and the bottom 5 fishing zone A


Everyone has agreed this is the fairest way for the final day of the competition and there are a lot of excited ladies heading for the lakes.


Twin Oaks (zone a & b)


The shake up as had a great affect on the fishing and has provided some new names with some well deserved cash wins. First on the lake goes to Heather Dewey on peg 7, Heather fished the pole in the margins with hemp and caster catching mainly carp for a total weigh of 39lb 11oz. Valerie Hillier picked up second on the lake with 34lb 14oz, Valerie on peg 5 fished the pole close in the margins and up in the water with meat catching varying sizes of carp – the biggest being 4lb. Pat Kavanangh on peg 17 picked up third on the lake with 26lb 14oz.



Twin Oaks (zone c & d)


Fishing on the more challenging pegs has done wonders for the ladies today and with another lake win it is easy to see why Wendy Locker fishes for the White Acres England Ladies team. Wendy Locker on peg 28 picked up first on the lake with 36lb 2oz. On peg 19 Catherine Furness picked up second on the lake with 33lb 4oz, Catherine fished meat on the long pole at 8 meters and also down the edge catching mainly carp at 1 1/2 lbs. Wendy Halliday came in third on the lake with 25lb 5oz, Wendy fished maggot on the feeder from peg 32 catching carp early on and a few skimmers later in the match.


Section Winners


HEATHER DEWEY             5 POINTS                  39lb 11oz

PAT KAVANAGH                 5 POINTS                  26lb 14oz

WENDY LOCKER               5 POINTS                  36lb 2oz

CATHERINE FURNESS    5 POINTS                  33lb 4oz


The Winners


A victorious (and wet – her team mates and other fellow competitors felt she deserved a dunk in the lake for her win) Wendy Locker emerges as White Acres Walls Solero Ladies Festival Champion 2005. Wendy has fished consistently over the three days and her hard efforts have paid off and netted a cool £1000 for her win, finishing on 13 points the final result went down to weight and with weighing in 127lb 13oz in total, a great festival for her. Catherine Furness (daylite baits) has also put in a solid performance and finished with 13 points but by having a lower weight (115lb 13oz) leaves her handing over her title and taking second place this year, Catherine is not complaining though she picked up £500. Rita Bell finishes the festival third overall with 12 points and a weight of 116lb 15oz, Rita picks up £400.


Overall Top 10



1st        Wendy Locker                      13 points                    127lb 13oz

2nd       Catherine Furness              13 points                    115lb 13oz

3rd        Rita Bell                                12 points                    116lb 15oz               

4th        Wendy Halliday                    12 points                    112lb 5oz

5th        Sharon Selby                       12 points                    95lb 5oz

6th        Amanda Barber                    11 points                    114lb 1oz

7th        Helen Dagnall                      11 points                    98lb 4oz

8th        Claire Dagnall                      10 points                    93lb 6oz

9th        Gaynor Mills                9 points                    89lb

10th     Heather Dewey                      9 points                    79lb 10oz