Final Result

1st Steve Mayo 36 points dropping 7 328lb 13oz

2nd Giles Cochrane 35 points dropping 8 210lb 10oz

3rd Steve Ringer 35 points dropping 7 375lb 2oz

4th Tony Gilbert 35 points dropping 6 342lb 9oz

5th Dave Campbell 35 points dropping 1 232lb 12oz

6th Steve Sanders 35 points dropping 1 223lb 1oz

7th Lee Pesticcio 34 points dropping 6 242lb 3oz

8th Chris Vandervleit 34 points dropping 6 240lb 1oz

9th Russ Berryman 34 points dropping 5 327lb 5oz

10th Steve Cooke 33 points dropping 6 267lb 10oz

11th Carl Eland 32 points dropping 7 334lb 3oz

12th Des Shipp 32 points dropping 5 375lb 15oz

13th Tony Wynnick 32 points dropping 5 344lb 11oz

14th Dean Lock 32 points dropping 5 245lb 4oz

15th James Hawkins 32 points dropping 5 194lb 13oz

16th Richie Hull 32 points dropping 4 222lb 13oz

17th Keith Vaughan 32 points dropping 2 250lb 15oz

18th Dave Harpin 31 points dropping 7 321lb 12oz

19th Steve Barraclough 31 points dropping 7 233lb 14oz

20th Kelvin Acton 31 points dropping 6 317lb 9oz


Day Four Overall Top 20

1st Tony Gilbert 35 points 336lb 4oz

2nd Dave Campbell 35 points 229lb

3rd Giles Cochrane 34 points 169lb 7oz

4th Steve Ringer 34 points 313lb 9oz

5th Steve Mayo 34 points 259lb 13oz

6th Lee Pesticcio 34 points 205lb 1oz

7th Steve Cooke 33 points 210lb 2oz

8th Chris Vandervleit 33 points 200lb 7oz

9th Tony Wynnick 32 points 313lb 4oz

10th James Hawkins 32 points 161lb 13oz

11th Des Shipp 30 points 366lb 1iz

12th Russ Berryman 30 points 318lb 11oz

13th Steven Barraclough 30 points 201lb 2oz

14th Dave Harpin 30 points 198lb 4oz

15th Carl Eland 30 points 179lb 9oz

16th Pete Wild 29 points 245lb 2oz

17th Richie Hull 29 points 214lb 15oz

18th Grant Albutt 29 points 176lb 6oz

19th Tommy Pickering 29 points 162lb 12oz

20th Harry Billing 28 points 276lb 7oz

Daily Report


Day Three Overall Top 20

1st Steve Ringer 27 points 242lb 1oz

2nd Chris Vandervleit 27 points 160lb 2oz

3rd Tony Gilbert 26 points 261lb 9oz

4th Lee Pesticcio 26 points 161lb 10oz

5th Dave Campbell 26 points 121lb 11oz

6th Giles Cochrane 26 points 119lb 2oz

7th Tony Wynnick 25 points 278lb 14oz

8th Steve Mayo 25 points 213lb

9th Richie Hull 25 points 182lb

10th Steve Cooke 24 points 199lb 9oz

11th Grant Albutt 24 points 135lb 8oz

12th Des Shipp 23 points 255lb 12oz

13th Gary Gibson 23 points 226lb 4oz

14th Pete Wild 23 points 216lb 5oz

15th Vince Brown 23 points 212lb 13oz

16th Carl Eland 23 points 171lb 14oz

17th Steven Barraclough 23 points 162lb 12oz

18th James Hawkins 23 points 149lb 7oz

19th Tommy Pickering 23 points 120lb 10oz

20th Ian Manning 22 points 200lb 14oz

Daily Report


Day Two Overall Top 20

1st Tony Gilbert 18 points 212lb 3oz

2nd Steve Ringer 18 points 130lb 11oz

3rd Ian Russell 18 points 108lb

4th Chris Vandervleit 18 points 67lb

5th Pete Wild 17 points 195lb 11oz

6th Mark Malin 17 points 185lb 8oz

7th Tony Wynnick 17 points 178lb 13oz

8th Steve Sanders 17 points 151lb 11oz

9th Lee Pesticcio 17 points 120lb 14oz

10th Dave Campbell 17 points 110lb 1oz

11th Steve Warner 17 points 74lb 10oz

12th Giles Cochrane 17 points 62lb 3oz

13th Andy Gregory 16 points 174lb 9oz

14th Steve Barraclough 16 points 157lb 3oz

15th Richie Hull 16 points 144lb 7oz

16th Les Thompson 16 points 134lb 7oz

17th Russ Berryman 16 points 123lb 2oz

18th Jamie Parkhouse 16 points 115lb 5oz

19th Carl Eland 16 points 112lb 10oz

20th Callum Dicks 16 points 104lb

So four anglers on maximum points so far and are of to a flying start on the festival, this is a very exciting line up in the top twenty and it is nice to see a few new names up there on the leader board as well as some regulars. As we all know anything can happen from this point and we are imminently due a change in weather so lets see what happens from here. Come back tomorrow to read the action from day three.

Daily Report


Day One

1st Kieron Rich 9 points 157lb 11oz

2nd Peter Bowles 9 points 149lb 6oz

3rd Les Thompson 9 points 119lb 7oz

4th Steve Ringer 9 points 116lb 10oz

5th Dean Barlow 9 points 106lb 13oz

6th Richie Hull 9 points 98lb 11oz

7th Tony Gilbert 9 points 93lb 6oz

8th Mick Lees 9 points 77lb 7oz

9th Vince Brown 9 points 68lb 12oz

10th Tommy Pickering 9 points 65lb 8oz

11th Steve Cooke 9 points 64lb 15oz

12th Steve Mitchell 9 points 55lb 8oz

13th Barry Oliver 9 points 55lb 5oz

14th Ian Russell 9 points 52lb 1oz

15th Dave Campbell 9 points 51lb

16th Callum Dicks 9 points 45lb 6oz

17th Steve Clark 9 points 21lb 3oz

18th Chris Vandervleit 9 points 14lb 4oz

19th Paul Filmore 9 points 13lb 12oz

20th Dave Hillier 9 points 10lb 12oz

Festival Report