The junior festival is back for the third year and has grown each year in numbers with 38 juniors aged 15 and under fishing the festival this year.

The lakes being used are once again Jennys & Trelawney, which have proved popular with the youngsters.

Drennan have once again pledged their support and this year as well as a goodie bag for all entrants they have also supplied some amazing prizes as well as additional prizes brought with the sponsorship money from Coke and their entrance fees.

It was a smashing weekend and despite a cool breeze it was a gloriously sunny two days and we saw some great fishing and great weights.

A section headed of to Jennys for the first day and the section winners were Michael Chung & William Buckie. Michael was on peg 4 and fished mainly on the pellet waggler and also on the pole at 7 meters finishing with a weight of 47lb 4oz. William finished with 38lb 11oz and fished the feeder with meat & corn from peg 18. Luke Hancock had the next best weight on the lake with 35lb 14oz, Luke was on peg 19 and caught roach & rudd short at 3 meters on caster and also caught on the waggler to the island with sweet corn & pellet.

B Section started on Trelawney and the section winners were Martin Trice on peg 1 with 49lb 3oz and Luke Morely with 45lb 14oz from peg 28. Ben Lockwood on peg 13 had the next best weight on the lake with 30lb 5oz; Ben fished meat on the pole.

Day Two

Day one got off to an exciting start and the juniors were eager to draw and get to their pegs.

A section finished the festival on Trelawney and the section winners were Jake Marshall & William Buckie. Jake was on peg 1 and caught on the bomb & the feeder chucking to the island and also had a few down the edge for a weight of 85lb 6oz, William weighed in with 58lb 8oz from peg 24 caught on the feeder with meat & corn. Jake Gallagher had the next best weight on the lake with 57lb 3oz, he was on peg 23.

B section moved onto Jennys and Lee Greening & Grant Merrett took the section wins today. Lee was on peg 16 and finished with 47lb 12oz and Grant won his section with 28lb 11oz caught on the waggler to the island with corn and pellet from peg 7. Shaun Randle on peg 19 had the next best weight with 44lb 5oz.

So that was the White Acres Junior Festival 2007 massive thanks to all the juniors and Drennan and we shall see you all again next year (the 2007 date is the 29th & 30th March)

Here is how the final leader board looked.

1st William Buckie  20 points 97lb 3oz
2nd Luke Hancock  18 points 83lb 15oz
3rd Grant Marrett  18 points 51lb 6oz
4th Ben Lockwood  17 points 73lb 11oz
5th Michael Chung  17 points 70lb 12oz
6th Luke Morley  17 points 70lb 12oz
7th Connor Barlow  17 points 51lb 15oz
8th Jake Marshall  16 points 108lb 10oz
9th Shaun Randle  15 points 62lb 7oz
10th Lee Greening  15 points 56lb 14oz
11th Bradley Proctor  15 points 56lb 12oz
12th Matthew Greening 15 points 51lb 11oz
13th Daniel Ball  15 points 45lb 14oz
14th Martin Trice  14 points 65lb
15th Jake Blackmon  14 points 39lb 10oz
16th Frazer Day  13 points 68lb 5oz
17th Sam Nicholson  13 points 36lb 3oz
18th Jake Gallagher  12 points 72lb 9oz
19th Sam Hawkes  12 points 33lb 11oz
20th Lewis Walker  11 points 41lb 13oz
21st Ben Blackmon  10 points 29lb 8oz
22nd Toby Bowra  9 points 40lb 5oz
23rd Alex Walker  9 points 39lb 10oz
24th Harry marsh  9 points 38lb 14oz
25th Sam Hughes  9 points 30lb 9oz
26th Robert Streeves  9 points 26lb 1oz
27th Bradley Baldwin  9 points 23lb 7oz
28th Harry Brown  8 points 33lb 6oz
29th Jake Nicholls  8 points 31lb
30th Duane Shuttleworth 8 points 27lb
31st Mark Rice   7 points 37lb 7oz
32nd Nicole Turley  7 points 18lb 8oz
33rd Craig Lee   6 points 21lb 10oz
34th Drew Bowra  5 points 27lb 1oz
35th Kieron Wood  5 points 21lb 14oz
36th Josh Gilbert  5 points 16lb 13oz
37th Jonathan Andrews 4 points 13lb 13oz