Van Den Eynde Festival
Day Two

Day two was another stunning day with clear skies throughout the day and sunshine. Yesterday was a great start to the festival and for those with section wins it was all out to start as they mean to go on and for those that didn’t fair as well it was back into the draw bag with their fingers crossed.

A Section Trelawney/Python

Trelawney fished well again today having benefited from 1500 fish be stocked over the winter. The lake win came from Tony Wynnick on peg one, Tony had a great run of bites but thought they had stopped feeding half way through the match but he persevered with his tactics and they were soon back in the peg, he finished with a winning weight of 131lb caught on meat across to the island. Gary Gibson took second with 125lb 14oz, Gary caught on corn & meat on the long pole to the island and down the edge from peg 29. On peg 21 Jimmy Bullard weighed in with 125lb 9oz to take third on the lake, Jimmy caught across to the island on meat and down the edge on castor and meat. Wayne Sharman had the next best weight on the lake with 92lb 2oz, Wayne caught on meat at 14.5 meters on the pole. The weights on Python are still tight and consistent in the sections; the top weight on the lake came from Andy Dare on peg 9 with 74lb 1oz and Phil Ringer on peg 15 with 70lb 14oz.


Tony Wynnick 9 points 131lb
Gary Gibson  9 points 125lb 14oz
Andy Dare  9 points 74lb 1oz
Jamie Jones  9 points 41lb

B Section Gwinear

There have still been a few big weights on Gwinear and as this water is predominately been pellet fishing over the winter this has not helped as it is a pellet free festival but the lifting on the ban on meat has started to bring the weights gradually up. Stewart Lister on peg 28 took the lake win today with 103lb 6oz; Stewart fished corn under the bridge for the win. Jimmy Garside weighed in with 63lb and finished second, Jimmy caught on the feeder chucking towards peg 36 from peg 19. With a weight of 54lb 7oz Kevin Wilder on peg 20 took third, Kevin caught on the pole & meat.  Kelvin Acton on peg 25 caught on meat on the pole from peg 25 and ended up with the next best weight on the lake of 42lb 9oz


Stuart Lister  9 points 103lb 6oz
Jimmy Garside 9 points 63lb
Darren Kempson 9 points 38lb 8oz
Neil Machin  9 points 35lb 2oz

C Section Porth

The anglers in C section really got their heads around this lake today and there were some top catches with hundreds of silverfish being caught. With an impressive 28lb 7oz Will Raison took the lake win today from peg 75, Will caught on the pole at 8meters with caster.  Grant Albutt on peg 20 wighed in with 15lb 14oz to take second, Grant caught on the pole at 5 meters also with casters. Alan Richards with 13lb 15oz took third, Alan caught on the pole at 10 meters on maggot from peg 21. The next best weight on the lake came from Steve Ringer on peg 87, Steve fished dead maggot on the feeder for a weight of 11lb 5oz.


William Raison 9 points 28lb 7oz
Grant Albutt  9 points 15lb 14oz
Steve Ringer  9 points 11lb 5oz
Mark Brown  9 points 10lb 6oz

D Section Bolingey

The bagging on Bolingey continues with more top weights coming from across the lake. Rick Johnston on peg 20 took the lake win on day two with 176lb 10oz, Rick caught on the waggler over to the island with meat. Just pounds behind him and having to settle for second place was Steve Sanders with 171lb 8oz, Steve was on peg 45 and caught short on the pole at 6 meters with meat. Third went to John Pantry on peg 21, John caught over to the island on the waggler with meat for a weight of 130lb 8oz. Paul cannon on peg 44 had the next best weight with 121lb 12oz, Paul caught on meat on the pole at 11 meters.


Rick Johnston  9 points 176lb 10oz
Paul Cannon  9 points 121lb 12oz
Martin Amos  9 points 119lb 8oz
Tommy Pickering 9 points 91lb 12oz

E Section Pollawyn

It was another good days fishing for those anglers on Pollawyn especially Steve Cooke on the point at peg 20 who won the match with an impressive 183lb 5oz, Steve fished on the feeder with meat across to the island. Nigel Cornwell took second on the lake with 80lb 2oz; Gary was on peg 29 and caught on the bomb with meat. Third on the lake went to Matt Davenport, Matt fished meat over from peg 23 and finished on a weight of 78lb 15oz. just missing out on the lake and a section win with 78lb 11oz was en leach on peg 31, Ben had a few fish on the PVA but caught most of his fish on the pole with meat at 14.5 meters he had 6 nice carp and a healthy net of skimmers.


Steve Cooke  9 points 183lb 5oz
Matt Davenport 9 points 78lb 15oz
Dave Cain  9 points 70lb 1oz
John Stepton  9 points 47lb 12oz

So that was the action on day two, how has it affected our top twenty?

Overall Top Twenty

1st Steve Cooke 18 points 327lb 11oz
2nd Grant Albutt 18 points 113lb 7oz
3rd Neil Machin 18 points 103lb 130z
4th Mark Brown  18 points 44lb 4oz
5th Tony Wynnick 17 points 209lb 15oz
6th Steve Sanders 17 points 185lb 12oz
7th Stuart Lister 17 points 175lb 6oz
8th Matt Davenport 17 points 170lb 1oz
9th Will Raison 17 points 118lb 8oz
10th John Holt  17 points 96lb 8oz
11th Callum Dicks 17 points 44lb
12th Ben Leach 16 points 221lb 13oz
13th Kieron Rich 16 points 188lb 6oz
14th Gary Gibson 16 points 170lb 10oz
15th Des Shipp  16 points 162lb 13oz
16th John Pantry  16 points 139lb 14oz
17th Jimmy Garside 16 points 129lb 2oz
18th Dave Taylor 16 points 102lb 6oz
19th Colin Mulholland 16 points 93lb 13oz
20th Mick Lees 15 points 190lb 6oz

We have four anglers on maximum points having had a great start to their festivals, can they keep this up for the rest of the week. The weather is expected to turn slightly over the next few days so we could be waving goodbye to the sun, will this effect the fishing?
Please come back tomorrow to catch up on the latest action. Cheers Kirsty