Big Jamie, one of Clint Elliot’s professional team of staff (not to be messed with!), booms out to me that the carp will start feeding well again if the temperature goes up a degree or two. In fact, one angler drawn on Sycamore (22 pegs) in a ‘silver fish match’, landed 22 carp but only weighed-in 7lb of silvers … never mind eh! Jenny’s Lake holds a fantastic and diverse stock of fish, and while some anglers opt for the feeder approach, a couple of small balls of White Acres ‘Cornish Baggin Mix’ to kick-start your pole line, plus a tin of sweetcorn, is all you need to catch anything that happens along. By all means take a bag of White Acres pellets and a pint of mixed coloured maggots should you want the two jokers in the deck of cards to play. Scale down but be sensible, as should you hook one of the Ghosties that are always on the prowl, then all hell will let loose! But meanwhile, have fun with the skimmers, tench, rudd, and if you are really lucky, one or two of the beautiful Golden tench. Pollawyn (55 pegs) and Python (37) can offer some terrific carp sport on pole, waggler or the smallest maggot feeder you can grab when those milder days build up, and the silver fish are also in abundance. The top quality tackle shop on-site (tel: 01726 862519) is open every morning from 8.00am to 10.00am during the winter months when anglers can purchase both tickets and bait, plus top-of-the-range tackle, and ask for advice from the experts on how and where to catch fish on the day. Check out the website at:


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