Clint Elliott Reports

White Acres Maver Festival 2017 Day One Report

This week we are running the very popular Maver festival, its running full with 180 anglers fishing for 5 days. The lakes being uses are A section Pollawyn, B section Jenny.s split with Trewaters, C section Twin Oaks split with Trelawney, D section Porth and E section Bolingey, the week has started out well and the forecast is looking good for the week, please read on to see how the first day’s fishing went… including a 200lb bag from Bolingey Lake


Day One.


A section Pollawyn 

First on the lake today was Oliver Scotthorne with 48lb 6oz from peg 26, Oliver spent most of his day fishing the long pole with pellets shallow. 2nd was Tom Cole from peg 38 with 35lb 12oz Tom fished the 14.5 meter pole tight to the far bank and margins with corn and 3rd on the day was Jamie Read from peg 28 weighing 33lb 1oz.

Section winners

A ​ section    David Crandon           peg 12                 9 points​        22lb 09oz

​B section     Matthew Marshall      peg 32                 9 points​        13lb 02oz

​C section.    Oliver Scotthorne       Peg 26                9 points        48lb 06oz

D section.    Tom Cole                    Peg 38                9 points        35lb 12oz



B Section, Jennys, Trewaters 


First on day one was Mick Lees from peg 39 Trewaters, Mick fished the meat at 5 meters with and pellet feeder 141lb 05oz, 2nd on the day was Martin Holmes from peg 41 Trewaters with 119lb catching on the pellet feeder and 3rd was Andy Power from peg 27 Trewaters with 100lb 04oz catching on the long pole with 6mm pellets.


Section Winners

A section       Dave Bruton             peg 9 Jennys     ​          9 points​        59lb 12oz

B section       Gavin Liversidge​               peg 14 Jennys             9 points​        73lb

C section.      Andy Power ​            peg 27 Trewaters        9 points​      100lb 04oz

D section.      Mick lees                            peg 39 Trewaters        9 points​      141lb 05oz


C Section Twin oaks, Trelawney

First overall Robbie Harbour with 172lblb 02oz from peg 16 Twin Oaks, Robbie with corn down the margins. 2nd was Gary Thomas with 102lb 12oz from peg 22 Twin Oaks, Gary caught on the worm shallow and 3rd Dale Shephard from peg 20 Trelawney with 90lb 09oz.


Section Winners

A section.      Robbie Harbour       peg 16 Twin Oaks        9 points​     172lb 02oz

B section.      Gary Thomas​           peg 22 Twin Oaks ​      9 points​      102lb 12oz

C section.      T Watson        ​          peg 10 Trelawney                 9 points​        82lb 02oz

D section.      Dale Shephard                  peg 20 Trelawney                 9 points        90lb 09oz


D Section Porth

First on the day Andy Bennett from peg 17 with 23lb 12oz, Andy fished the method feeder with a mini boilie. 2nd on the day was Steve Conway from peg 22 with 20lb 01oz, Steve fished the pole with maggots and 3rd was Jonathan Jowett form peg 82 with 15lb 02oz, Jonathan fished the long pole with maggots.


Section Winners

​A section         Andy Bennett         peg 17                           9 points        23lb 12oz

B section         Luke Sears          ​  peg 33                         9 points​        14lb

C section        Kelvin Acton           peg 73                         9 points        13lb 08oz

D section         Jonathan Jowett     peg 82                        9 points        15lb 02oz


E Section Bolingey

First on the day was Alan Scotthorne from peg 42 with 201lb 06oz, Alan fished the long pole with pellets and meat in the margins. 2nd on the day was lee Riley from peg 50 with 50lb 10oz, Lee fished the short pole with worm over micro pellets and 3rd was Lee Barnes form peg 36 with 194b 06oz, Lee fished the corn in the margins.


Section Winners

​A section         Lee Riley                peg 50                          9 points      200lb 01oz

B section         Wayne Sharman   peg 26                         9 points​        92lb 10oz

C section        Sam Powell            peg 10                         9 points        96lb 14oz

D section         Alan Scotthorne     peg 42                         9 points      201lb 06oz




Top Twenty


Name​​                                               Points​​                 Weight

1st​      Alan Scotthorne                     9                          201lb 06oz

2nd     Lee Riley                                9                           200lb      

3rd​     Robbie Harbour                     9                           172lb 02oz

4th​     Mick Lees                               9                           141lb 05oz

5th​​​​​​​     Gary Thomas                        9                           102lb 12oz

6th​​​​​​​     Andy Power                           9                           100lb 04oz

7th​​​​​​​     Sam Powell                            9                             96lb 14oz

8th​​​​​​​     Wayne Sharman                             9                             92lb 10oz

9th​​​​​​​     Dale Shepherd                      9                             90lb 09oz

10th​​​​​​   Tony Watson                         9                             82lb 02oz

11th​​​​​​​   Gavin Leversidge                  9                             73lb

12th​​​​​​   Dave Bruton                          9                             59lb 12oz

13th​​​​​​   Oliver Scotthorne                  9                             48lb 06oz

14th​​​​​​   Tom Cole                               9                             35lb 12oz

15th​​​​​​   Andy Bennett                         9                             23lb 12oz

16th​​​​​​   David Crandon                      9                             22lb 09oz

17th​​​​​​​   Jonathan Jowett                    9                             15lb 02oz

18th​​​​​​   Luke Sears                                       9                             14lb

19th​​​​​​   Kelvin Acton                          9                             13lb 08oz

20th​​​​​​   Matthew Marshall                  9                             13lb 02oz