White Acres have confirmed a new sponsor for one of their spring festivals, after numerous years of supporting the festival Keenets, that are part of the Sharpes group, will no longer be sponsoring the event. With the group pursuing their move into the game side of the sport it was felt that their involvement with the festival was not suitable, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Sharpes & Trevor Marsh for their tremendous support over the years and wish them the very best of luck with their new venture.


So with a festival space to fill who else would we look to but a past supporter and popular brand, so the final festival of the spring will once again be the Milo Festival. We extend a warm welcome back to our new sponsors and they have assured us that they will uphold the reputation of the festival and have promised some tremendous prizes for the winners. The whole team here at White Acres are excited by this new project and wish to thank Milo once again for their pledged support.


The Milo festival commences on the 21st of April and if anyone is interested or would like further information they should contact Kirsty on 01726 862 526.