This year saw the introduction of a new festival to the White Acres calendar, as the juniors only go up to 15 there was a gap for the next age group of anglers so we decided to run a festival to cater for 16 – 18 years olds. This festival would not have been possible without the generous support pledged by Preston Innovations plus the continue sponsorship from Coke.

The festival was smaller than hoped with only 11 anglers fishing but even one angler is better than none and every new event has to start somewhere, all the boys that we spoke to enjoyed the event and we hope that they will join us again next year.

The lakes used for the festival were Twin Oaks (1 – 18) and Canal, this was the first biggish test for these lakes, as they have not been fished heavily, especially Canal which has just been recently re stocked and has yet to be fished.

Day one

The small group of anglers have been split into two sections and A section started the festival on Twin Oaks, Mark Malin took the lake win and picked up a maximum of 6 points with 83lb 12oz, Mark was on peg 15 and fished down the inside on red meat. Matthew Gibbs on peg 11 had the next best weight on the lake with 72lb 10oz. B section stared on canal and we saw fantastic weight across the board with a total of 516lb 14oz of fish caught between the 5 anglers. Danny Griffiths on peg 10 took the win with 126lb 12oz; Danny fished the pole with pellet close in. Alex Hulme had the next best weight of 123lb 6oz from peg 8; Alex fished on the pole at 6 meters with corn and pellet. Danny Hallam on peg 12 had a great weight with 102lb 2oz; Danny fished the pole short with pellet.

Day two

After yesterdays top weight on Canal there we high hope from A section that spent the final day of the festival on the lake, the weights were lower today but still consistent. Rick Chung won the lake with 87lbs, Rick was on peg 6 and fished pellet on the short pole. Nicholas Wright on peg 16 had the next best weight with 78lb 13oz and on peg 8 Mark Malin had a weight of 72lb 8oz caught on corn at 6 meters. B section headed over to Twin Oaks and the lake winner today was Danny Hallam on peg 9, Danny fished the feeder with meat to the far side for a weight of 86lb 14oz. Alex Hulme had the next best weight on the lake with 62lb 4oz, Alex was on peg 11 and fished the pellet waggler. On peg 13 Danny Griffiths had the next best weight with 59lb 2oz, Danny fished the feeder with corn across to the far bank.

So that was our first ever intermediates festival, lets see how the final results look

Overall Results

1st  Danny Hallam 10 points 189lb
2nd  Danny Griffiths 10 points 185lb 14oz
3rd  Alex Hulme 10 points 185lb 10oz
4th  Mark Malin 10 points 156lb 4oz
5th  Richard Chung 9 points 134lb 10oz
6th Matthew Gibbs 7 points 113lb 1oz
7th  Nicholas Wright 6 points 115lb 1oz
8th  Jake Schofield 5 points 119lb 3oz
9th  Miles Day 5 points 114lb 2oz
10th  Zach Phelps 5 points 79lb 8oz
11th  Relly Dawson 3 points 87lb

So that was the Preston Innovations Intermediates festival 2007, we all had a fantastic weekend and hope the anglers enjoyed it and again once again thank you to Coca Cola and Preston without whom we would not be able to run the festival.

Thank you all for your support, Kirsty