Following a long and detailed investigation, White Acres Holiday Park today were informed by the centre for environment, fisheries & Aquaculture science (cefas) that a sample of carp taken from Pollawyn & Trelawney have tested positive for Koi herpes virus (KHV) the low level, ongoing fish mortality at White Acres has resulted in the loss of approximately 5% of the carp stocks across the fishery

No fish have been stocked into the fishing lakes from outside source for very nearly five years so the disease has either been introduced prior to the spring of 2004 by infected stock from an outside source or has been introduced by other means.

Cefas, who have carried out thorough and rigorous testing on the site have advised the White Acres Fishery management team that they will be able to introduce stocks of carp after the fish mortality has ceased the new stocks could be from the on-site fish or non-susceptible species from outside sources, which would augment the already plentiful fish stocks in place.

White Acres have not been instructed to close the fishery. Therefore all matches. Festivals and general pleasure angling will continue as planned.

The ‘Dry Net’ policy, instigated by the fishery, will remain throughout and be rigorously enforced. In line with Cefas biosecurity recommendations and to prevent any further spread of the virus, all anglers will be asked to disinfect their landing and keepnets before leaving the venue for other fisheries or for home. White Acres will provide facilities for that purpose.

White acres has worked closely with Cefas to ensure a satisfactory outcome. The welfare of the fish within and outside the site has been a priority.

White Acres general manage Kevin Lucock said “White Acres apologise to anglers because it obviously isn’t pleasant to see fish in distress or finding dead fish in early-morning sessions but please be assured that everything that could be done was done and will continue to be done.”