Van Den Eynde Festival Day Five

Wow what an exciting festival it has been and couldn’t have been tighter as we headed into the final day.

By now you all know who is our 2007 champion but here is the breakdown of the final day.

Unfortunately as everyone’s leaves on a Saturday morning I am unable to get any catch information but this should give you an idea of the final days fishing.

A Section Bolingey

We can all see now why this lake is so popular with the massive haul for the lake winner today, Des Ship took the victory on the final day of the festival from peg 20 with a staggering 307lb 14oz, Des fished at 17meters and averaged 10 fish an hour! Second on the lake with 142lb 11oz was Dave Harpin on peg 45, Andy Dare took third with 132lb 12oz from peg 16 and the next best weight came from Alan Hall on peg 7 with 81lb 4oz.


Des Shipp  9 points 307lb 14oz
Andy Dare  9 points 132lb 12oz
Paul Barnard  9 points 74lb 12oz
Jamie Jones  9 points 68lb 4oz

B Section Pollawyn

As the week got slightly warmer the fish gradually began to move towards the high bank and we saw some top catches. The lake was won today by Kieron Rich on peg 30 with 160lb 14oz. Second went to Mark Pleavin on peg 20 with 153lb 6oz, Bob Stevens on peg 27 was third with 118lb 15oz and the next best weight on the lake was caught by Eddie Stevenson on peg 29 with 96lb 15oz.


Kieron Rich  9 points 160lb 14oz
Harry Billing  9 points 89lb 5oz
John Waples  9 points 61lb
Steve Kedge  9 points 54lb 7oz

C Section Trelawney/Python

The weights from the week have shown that Trelawney is back on form and we have also seen some impressive weights coming from Python, it is hard to win the daily money from Python as it is a smaller stamp of fish but the vital section points are still there to be had. The lake was won once again off the “flyer” of the week with Callum Dicks drawing peg one today to win with 169lb 12oz. Jim Smith was second on the lake catching 83lb 10oz from peg 29, Third went to Steve Ringer on peg 7 with 64lb 12oz and Will Raison on peg 21 had the next best weight of 61lb 11oz.


Callum Dicks  9 points 169lb 12oz
Jim Smith  9 points 83lb 10oz
Mark Brown  9 points 37lb 4oz
Peter Bowles  9 points 20lb 2oz

D Section Gwinear.

Gwinear has faired better than expected this week being as this has been its first major pressure test of the year, some of the favourite pegs are still producing and some of the obvious ones have not, but at least plenty have been caught and in time the lake will be back to it’d former self. Roger Smith on peg 25 took the lake win today with 85lb 1oz, Second went to Martin Amos with 61lb 13oz from peg 31, Nick Jones on peg 20 took third with 42lb 8oz and the next best weight of the week came from Mark Dowling on peg 27 with 32lb 12oz.


Roger Smith  9 points 85lb 1oz
Martin Amos  9 points 61lb 13oz
James Garside  9 points 18lb 3oz
Steve Mayo  9 points 16lb 6oz

E Section Porth

Porth has produced some cracking weights this week but has also been very hard on occasions, the cooler weather of the previous days had effected the fishing today and the weights were slightly lower. Ken Oldham on peg 77 took the win with 12lb 15oz, Second went to Steve Cooke on peg 35 with 11lb, Russell Parsons took third from peg 71 with 9lb and the next best weight came from Tim Nash on peg 40 with 8lb 10oz.


Ken Oldham  9 points 12lb 15oz
Steve Cooke  9 points 11lb
Mark Fox  9 points 7lb 10oz
Ben Leach  9 points 7lb 7oz

So that was the final day of the White Acres 2007 Van Den Eynde Festival.

Here are the top twenty winners and their weights.

1st Ben Leach  35 points (43 points) 333lb 13oz
2nd Des Shipp  35 points (42 points) 547lb 3oz
3rd Kieron Rich 35 points (42 points) 450lb 14oz
4th Neil Machin 35 points (42 points) 335lb 4oz
5th Grant Albutt 35 points (41 points) 303lb 1oz
6th Steve Ringer 35 points (40 points) 355lb 6oz
7th Andy Dare  35 points (39 points) 345lb 12oz
8th Callum Dicks 34 points (42 points) 405lb 6oz
9th Will Raison 34 points (41 points) 317lb 14oz
10th Steve Sanders 34 points (40 points) 258lb 13oz
11th Steve Cooke 34 points (38 points) 381lb
12th Mark Brown 34 points (36 points) 208lb 8oz
13th Harry Billing 33 points (40 points) 268lb 9oz
14th Stewart Lister 33 points (39 points) 306lb 4oz
15th Steve Mayo 33 points (39 points) 269lb 11oz
16th Tony Wynnick 32 points (38 points) 292lb 9oz
17th Jamie Jones 32 points (37points) 186lb 10oz
18th Gary Gibson 32 points (36 points) 273lb 3oz
19th Matt Davenport 32 points (36 points) 249lb 2oz
20th Phil Ringer 32 points (36 points) 234lb 3oz

So that’s how close it was at the top, a proper nail biting finale.

I would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of myself and the whole fisheries team to all the anglers for making this such a successful festival.

We all really enjoyed the week and hope you did to, please feel free to provide us with any feedback.

Thanks you also to Van Den Eynde for their generous prizes and goodie bags for all 180 anglers and to Wendy for coming down for the festival presentation.

Once again thanks to everyone and we will see you all for the 2008 Van Den Eynde festival commencing the 5th April.

Thanks for your support (and patience for waiting for this final result) Kirsty



Van Den Eynde Festival
Day Four

Crikey what a day, it rained, it hailed, some sleet and then it rained some more! For somewhere that supposedly had such a mild climate it was as if overnight the whole park was transported to the arctic! Not a nice day for the anglers (some of which are still drying out now), but again the big weights keep coming and vital section points being won.

As we headed into day four it was so close up at the top has today’s action changed anything – read on…

A Section Porth

After some cracking weights yesterday the drop in temperature has affected the fishing but plenty of fish were still caught and points won.  The lake today was won by Phil Ringer on peg 36, Phil caught on the groundbait feeder (with Ringer groundbait) with dead maggot for a weight of 14lb 11oz. Des Shipp was second with 14lb 4oz, Des caught on the groundbait feeder with small dendra worms from peg 34. Third went to Michael Sanders, Michael caught on the feeder and the pole with worms and maggots for a weight of 10lb from peg 75. Gary Gibson on peg 84 had the next best weight on the lake with 9lb 12oz caught on the swim feeder with worm.


Phil Ringer  9 points 14lb 11oz
Michael Sanders 9 points 10lb
Gary Gibson  9 points 9lb 12oz
Billy Lock  9 points 7lb 2oz

B Section Bolingey

Three more tons and more high weights came off the lake today showing despite the bitterly cold weather this lake does not disappoint. Craig Williams took the lake win (and also won today’s swimming competition – nice dip Craig?!) from peg 12 with 134lb 12oz, Craig caught in the 5-meter pole line with meat & hemp. Neil Machin narrowly missed out on the win by weighing 132lb 8oz to take second; Neil was on peg 9 and caught down the edge on meat. Skip McCabe on peg 27 caught shallow on caster to take third on the lake with 108lb 7oz. Kevin Retford had the next best weight on the lake with 91lb 11oz, Kev was on peg 40 and caught down the edge and at 11 meters on meat.


Craig Williams 9 points 134lb 12oz
Skip McCabe  9 points 108lb 7oz
Kevin Retford  9 points 91lb 11oz
Jimmy Garside 9 points 89lb 14oz

C Section Pollawyn

Well what a day it was on Pollawyn, the anglers were drowned by the rain and frozen by the harsh wind but the fish took no notice of this and fed like it was their last supper. Nigel Smith on peg 26 on the high bank took the lake win and the biggest weight of the week so far with 194lb 1oz; Nigel caught his tremendous haul of carp on the waggler with meat. Second on the lake went to Shaun Sylvester with 181lb 14oz, Shaun caught on the “tea-bag” from the point at peg 19. Also on the point was Richard Kinning peg 20, it was a battle throughout the day as the virtually caught fish for fish but in the end Richard had to settle for third with 142lb 6oz caught on the feeder with meat. Tom Scholey had the next best weight on the lake with 91lb; Tom was on peg 27 and caught on the feeder casting over to the island with meat


Nigel Smith  9 points 194lb 1oz
Steve Ringer  9 points 80lb 9oz
Grant Albutt  9 points 79lb 2oz
Will Raison  9 points 38lb 3oz

D Section Trelawney/Python

The cold had slightly affected the fishing on these lakes but James Garside on Trelawney peg 21 put in a great effort to take the win with 129lb 13oz, James persevered on the 16-meter pole fishing meat and corn to the island. Second went to John Pantry with 100lb 10oz, John was on peg 17 and caught on meat over meat on the long pole. The “flyer” peg of the week peg 1 on Trelawney did not disappoint today and provided Bob Jarvis with third on the lake with 77lb 13oz, Bob caught on the 16 meter pole in the first hour until (in his words) “the bloody wind got up” and then continued to fish the bomb over his pole line with punched meat. Geoff Ringer was on Trelawney peg 28 and had the next best weight with 71lb 5oz. The top weight on Python came from Tommy Pickering on peg 14 with 60lb 6oz. (Tommy was second in the swimming competition by doing in the ditch behind Python – it’s deeper than it looks isn’t it Tommy!?)


James Garside  9 points 129lb 13oz
John Pantry  9 points 100lb 10oz
Tommy Pickering 9 points 60lb 5oz
Steve Sanders  9 points 20lb 2oz

E Section Gwinear

The new owner of Gwinear Charlie has put on a fantastic welcome for our festival anglers this week by providing them with hot drinks for their arrival and set up, this was especially welcome today due to the bitterly cold and wet weather so a massive thank you to Charlie from all the anglers and the fisheries team. Ian Manning won the lake today on peg 17 with 72lb 12oz. Dave Taylor weighed in with 65lb 9oz to take second from peg 37. Third went to Peter Jupp with 64lb 7oz, Peter was on peg 25. On peg 57 Ben Leach had the next best weight on the lake with 55lb 10oz, Ben caught at 17 meters on caster.


Ian Manning  9 points 72lb 12oz
Dave Taylor  9 points 65lb 9oz
Ben Leach  9 points 55lb 10oz
Adey Lindsay  9 points 29lb 15oz

So that was the fishing action from day four and how does our top twenty look…

Overall Top Twenty

1st Neil Machin  35 points 293lb 15oz
2nd Ben Leach   34 points 326lb 6oz
3rd Steve Sanders  34 points 238lb 7oz
4th Kieron Rich  33 points 290lb
5th Grant Albutt  33 points 289lb 5oz 
6th Stewart Lister  33 points 272lb 10oz
7th Will Raison  33 points 256lb 3oz
8th Des Shipp   33 points 239lb 5oz
9th Callum Dicks  33 points 235lb 10oz
10th Steve Ringer  32 points 290lb 10oz
11th Gary Gibson  32 points 241lb 13oz
12th Phil Ringer  32 points 182lb 2oz
13th Tony Wynnick  31 points 244kb 8oz
14th Tommy Pickering 31 points 241lb 13oz
15th Adey Lindsay  31 points 204lb 11oz
16th Harry Billing  31 points 179lb 4oz
17th Shaun Sylvester  30 points 372lb 8oz
18th Steve Mayo  30 points 253lb 5oz
19th Jimmy Garside  30 points 227lb 8oz
20th Andy Dare  30 points 213lb

So Neil dropped a point yesterday showing that at this point no one is guaranteed a top spot, as we head into the final day of the festival it is too close to call, some anglers up there have already (they hope) taken their dropped result into account and are counting on bagging another section win, can this be achieved? On a page 9 points look like nothing but on a festival they look like the top spot & £3000.

We shall see how the final day goes, so far this week it has been a great festival and even Des has managed to keep the moaning down to a minimum (only joking!), Friday looks to be an exciting day so stay tuned for the final results. Cheers, Kirsty


Van Den Eynde Festival

Day Three

The anglers had a bit of a shock this morning waking up to a bitterly cold day in comparison to the previous days of sun. A heavy fog covered the park and the lakes and all we could do was hope that the dullness of weather did not affect the anglers spirits of their fishing.
Day three is a crucial stage of the festival being the half waypoint, it is now the make or break point for some. The weights have been steadily increasing through the week and more consistent weights across the sections, lets hope this change of weather does not bring a change of fortune.

A Section Gwinear

The lake fished more evenly across the sections, with only a few poor weights compared to the higher weights. The lake was one today by Andy Dare on peg 20, Andy fished the feeder tight across to the island to give him a winning weight of 96lb 4oz. Jamie Parkhouse was second with 77lb 9oz, he fished the long pole and down the margins from peg 19. 62lb 4oz was the weight to take third today and that came from Des Shipp on peg 54, Des fished corn to the island at 17.5 meters on the pole.


Andy Dare  9 points 96lb 4oz
Des Shipp  9 points 62lb 4oz
Phil Ringer  9 points 52lb 12oz
Carl Eland  9 points 32lb 8oz

B Section Porth

Well what an amazing day on Porth, the weights today topped all expectations with Neil Machin taking the lake win with 57lb 10oz., Neil is only on his third ever visit to the lake so this was an impressive win, he fished from peg 77 and caught 20lbs of silvers on castor and the rest mainly bream on worm. Second on the lake was Skip McCabe on peg 78, Skip fished chop worm on the pole and finished with a weight of 44lb. On peg 76 Alan Bell was third with 35lb 4oz, Alan caught on the pole with caster & worm over groundbait. Kieron Rich peg 86 had the next best weight with 19lb 12oz. Kieron fished on the 13-meter pole with worm & caster over groundbait.


Neil Machin  9 points 57lb 10oz
Kieron Rich  9 points 19lb 12oz
Gary Hamilton 9 points 18lb 11oz
Stewart Lister  9 points 16lb 2oz

C Section Bolingey

Cracking weights again today on Bolingey, the lake is fishing as well as expected and the weights prove this. The winning weight today was 156lb 8oz and that came from Nigel Smith on peg 46; Nigel fished on the 13 meter & 6 meter pole line with meat. Steve Ringer was second with 151lb10oz; Steve fished meat on the pole at 6 meters from peg 14. Callum Dicks on peg 49 was third with 141lb 6oz, Callum caught down the edge on worm. The method of the moment PVA worked well for Shaun Sylvester who had the next best weight from peg 23 finishing with 135lb 1oz.


Nigel Smith  9 points 156lb 8oz
Steve Ringer  9 points 151lb 10oz
Shaun Sylvester 9 points 135lb 1oz
Richie Hull  9 points 133lb 11oz

D Section Pollawyn

The warmer weather has encouraged the fish out of the arms and are now feeding well on the high bank as today’s weights show. The lake win came from Malcolm Johnson on peg 27 with 156lb 8oz; Malcolm fished hair-rigged meat & corn on the feeder. Steve Mayo took second with 114lb 6oz, Steve was on peg 26 and caught on the feeder tight across to the island n meat and also had a few late on shallow on the waggler with meat On peg 29 Rick Johnston was third with 110lb 3oz, Rick caught shallow on the waggler with meat. Stuart McGuinness on peg 28 had the next best weight on the lake with 108lb 9oz, Stuart caught on the lead with meat.


Malcolm Johnson 9 points 156lb 8oz
Geoff Ringer  9 points 105lb 15oz
Tommy Pickering 9 points 84lb 5oz
Danny Wynn  9 points 61lb 12oz

E Section Trelawney/Python

Trelawney is still on top form with peg 1 producing the match winning weight for the second day running with Gary Cornwell taking the winning weight of 149lb 15oz, Gary fished meat across to the island and down the edge to take the win. Second went to Ian Manning on peg 21 with a weight of 137lb 15oz, Ian fished caster & meat on the long pole and down the edge. Steve Clark had a weight of 80lb 3oz and finished third on the lake; Steve was on peg 26 and fished meat on the pole, bomb & waggler. On peg 28 Vic Molyneux had the next best weight on the lake with 63lb, Vic caught at 17 meters on the pole with meat. The best weights on python came from Ben Leach on peg 12 with 48lb 15oz and Ray Chorlton on peg 36 with 40lb 7oz.


Gary Cornwell  9 points 149lb 15oz
Ian Manning  9 points 137lb 15oz
Ben Leach  9 points 48lb 15oz
Ray Chorlton  9 points 40lb 7oz

So that was the fishing on day three and whom do we see at the top now?

Overall Top Twenty

1st Neil Machin  27 points 161lb 7oz
2nd Stewart Lister  26 points 191lb 8oz
3rd Steve Cooke  25 points 347lb 11oz
4th Ben Leach   25 points 270lb 12oz
5th Matt Davenport  25 points 227lb 2oz
6th Des Shipp   25 points 225lb 1oz
7th Steve Sanders  25 points 218lb 5oz
8th Kieron Rich  25 points 208lb 2oz
9th Callum Dicks  25 points 185lb 6oz
10th Mark Brown  25 points 137lb 2oz
11th Will Raison  24 points 218lb
12th Grant Albutt  24 points 210lb 3oz
13th Tony Wynnick  23 points 238lb 1oz
14th Gary Gibson  23 points 232lb 1oz
15th Steve Ringer  23 points 210lb 1oz
16th Steve Mayo  23 points 186lb 11oz
17th Carl Elland  23 points 176lb 2oz
18th Richie Hull  23 points 175lb 7oz
19th Phil Ringer  23 points 167lb 7oz
20th Tim Nash   23 points 146lb 9oz

So Neil Machin is starting of the White Acres Festival campaign as he ended it in 2006, can he hold onto his unblemished top spot?

Rain and colder weather has been forecast over the next couple of days so we shall have to see if this makes a difference.

See you tomorrow for the next update, Cheers Kirsty.



Van Den Eynde Festival
Day Two

Day two was another stunning day with clear skies throughout the day and sunshine. Yesterday was a great start to the festival and for those with section wins it was all out to start as they mean to go on and for those that didn’t fair as well it was back into the draw bag with their fingers crossed.

A Section Trelawney/Python

Trelawney fished well again today having benefited from 1500 fish be stocked over the winter. The lake win came from Tony Wynnick on peg one, Tony had a great run of bites but thought they had stopped feeding half way through the match but he persevered with his tactics and they were soon back in the peg, he finished with a winning weight of 131lb caught on meat across to the island. Gary Gibson took second with 125lb 14oz, Gary caught on corn & meat on the long pole to the island and down the edge from peg 29. On peg 21 Jimmy Bullard weighed in with 125lb 9oz to take third on the lake, Jimmy caught across to the island on meat and down the edge on castor and meat. Wayne Sharman had the next best weight on the lake with 92lb 2oz, Wayne caught on meat at 14.5 meters on the pole. The weights on Python are still tight and consistent in the sections; the top weight on the lake came from Andy Dare on peg 9 with 74lb 1oz and Phil Ringer on peg 15 with 70lb 14oz.


Tony Wynnick 9 points 131lb
Gary Gibson  9 points 125lb 14oz
Andy Dare  9 points 74lb 1oz
Jamie Jones  9 points 41lb

B Section Gwinear

There have still been a few big weights on Gwinear and as this water is predominately been pellet fishing over the winter this has not helped as it is a pellet free festival but the lifting on the ban on meat has started to bring the weights gradually up. Stewart Lister on peg 28 took the lake win today with 103lb 6oz; Stewart fished corn under the bridge for the win. Jimmy Garside weighed in with 63lb and finished second, Jimmy caught on the feeder chucking towards peg 36 from peg 19. With a weight of 54lb 7oz Kevin Wilder on peg 20 took third, Kevin caught on the pole & meat.  Kelvin Acton on peg 25 caught on meat on the pole from peg 25 and ended up with the next best weight on the lake of 42lb 9oz


Stuart Lister  9 points 103lb 6oz
Jimmy Garside 9 points 63lb
Darren Kempson 9 points 38lb 8oz
Neil Machin  9 points 35lb 2oz

C Section Porth

The anglers in C section really got their heads around this lake today and there were some top catches with hundreds of silverfish being caught. With an impressive 28lb 7oz Will Raison took the lake win today from peg 75, Will caught on the pole at 8meters with caster.  Grant Albutt on peg 20 wighed in with 15lb 14oz to take second, Grant caught on the pole at 5 meters also with casters. Alan Richards with 13lb 15oz took third, Alan caught on the pole at 10 meters on maggot from peg 21. The next best weight on the lake came from Steve Ringer on peg 87, Steve fished dead maggot on the feeder for a weight of 11lb 5oz.


William Raison 9 points 28lb 7oz
Grant Albutt  9 points 15lb 14oz
Steve Ringer  9 points 11lb 5oz
Mark Brown  9 points 10lb 6oz

D Section Bolingey

The bagging on Bolingey continues with more top weights coming from across the lake. Rick Johnston on peg 20 took the lake win on day two with 176lb 10oz, Rick caught on the waggler over to the island with meat. Just pounds behind him and having to settle for second place was Steve Sanders with 171lb 8oz, Steve was on peg 45 and caught short on the pole at 6 meters with meat. Third went to John Pantry on peg 21, John caught over to the island on the waggler with meat for a weight of 130lb 8oz. Paul cannon on peg 44 had the next best weight with 121lb 12oz, Paul caught on meat on the pole at 11 meters.


Rick Johnston  9 points 176lb 10oz
Paul Cannon  9 points 121lb 12oz
Martin Amos  9 points 119lb 8oz
Tommy Pickering 9 points 91lb 12oz

E Section Pollawyn

It was another good days fishing for those anglers on Pollawyn especially Steve Cooke on the point at peg 20 who won the match with an impressive 183lb 5oz, Steve fished on the feeder with meat across to the island. Nigel Cornwell took second on the lake with 80lb 2oz; Gary was on peg 29 and caught on the bomb with meat. Third on the lake went to Matt Davenport, Matt fished meat over from peg 23 and finished on a weight of 78lb 15oz. just missing out on the lake and a section win with 78lb 11oz was en leach on peg 31, Ben had a few fish on the PVA but caught most of his fish on the pole with meat at 14.5 meters he had 6 nice carp and a healthy net of skimmers.


Steve Cooke  9 points 183lb 5oz
Matt Davenport 9 points 78lb 15oz
Dave Cain  9 points 70lb 1oz
John Stepton  9 points 47lb 12oz

So that was the action on day two, how has it affected our top twenty?

Overall Top Twenty

1st Steve Cooke 18 points 327lb 11oz
2nd Grant Albutt 18 points 113lb 7oz
3rd Neil Machin 18 points 103lb 130z
4th Mark Brown  18 points 44lb 4oz
5th Tony Wynnick 17 points 209lb 15oz
6th Steve Sanders 17 points 185lb 12oz
7th Stuart Lister 17 points 175lb 6oz
8th Matt Davenport 17 points 170lb 1oz
9th Will Raison 17 points 118lb 8oz
10th John Holt  17 points 96lb 8oz
11th Callum Dicks 17 points 44lb
12th Ben Leach 16 points 221lb 13oz
13th Kieron Rich 16 points 188lb 6oz
14th Gary Gibson 16 points 170lb 10oz
15th Des Shipp  16 points 162lb 13oz
16th John Pantry  16 points 139lb 14oz
17th Jimmy Garside 16 points 129lb 2oz
18th Dave Taylor 16 points 102lb 6oz
19th Colin Mulholland 16 points 93lb 13oz
20th Mick Lees 15 points 190lb 6oz

We have four anglers on maximum points having had a great start to their festivals, can they keep this up for the rest of the week. The weather is expected to turn slightly over the next few days so we could be waving goodbye to the sun, will this effect the fishing?
Please come back tomorrow to catch up on the latest action. Cheers Kirsty


Gosh it hardly seems like 6 days since I stopped writing these reports but it has in fact been 6 months and we are now into our first festival of 2007.

The Van Den Eynde festival is always the first on our festival calendar and remains our only pellet free festival; the event is a sell out with 180 anglers fishing Pollawyn, Trelawney/Python, Gwinear, Bolingey & Porth. This is the first big test on the lakes as although we have had a full winter programme they have not been fished to this extent. All the regular faces are fishing the festivals as well as some new comers and there is a wide ages group with anglers as young as 12 & 15 fishing the festival. The stage is set and all preparation done the only thing left is to start fishing so lets see how day one goes.

Day One

As ever day one sees much nervous excitement and anticipation, the anglers already know their sections and in what order they will be fishing the lakes so the only thing left is the draw. This year we have amended our rules slightly and all anglers should have received and/or read these and they would have to sign to say they will abide by them, in October only two anglers were disqualified so we have high hope there will be no mistakes this time! At the morning draw Clint runs through the information and as we wish everyone a fantastic festival those at the front of the draw queue reach for the bag……


A Section start off their week on the prolific Pollawyn match lake, with huge hauls of fish coming from this lake in the past there is much bagging expected. The weather has been mixed recently and the big catches have come from down the arms where the fish have been feeding in the sheltered warmer conditions, instead of basking in the high bank, this proved to be correct today with top match angler Des Shipp taking the lake win from peg 43, Des fished at 17.5 meters across to the island on meat for a winning weight of 132lb 3oz. Mick Lees on the point on peg 23 took advantage of the no pole limit rule and fished long across to the island on meat and weighed in with 115lb 9oz to take second on the lake. Third went to Tony Wynnick on peg 47, Tony caught straight from the off down the edge and over to the island both with meat on the pole, the bites slowed down but thanks to 4 big fish in the closing stages of the match this pushed him to third with 78lb 15oz. Carl Elland had the next best weight on the lake and narrowly missed out on being third with 78lb 10oz, Carl was on peg 34 and caught on the bomb with meat loose feeding meat and a few shallow on the pole.




Both of these lakes have seen a facelift over the winter with Python benefiting from the reeds being cut right back with the anglers now having more room at either side of them. Trelawney has been stocked with a tremendous amount of fish and is nearly unrecognisable with the work that has been done on the island, our recent residents matches have proved that the lake is well on its way to being back on top form as it had provided the winning weights on all our recent matches. Taking the lake win today with 147lb 14oz was Kieron Rich on Trelawney peg 1, Kieron fished long pole to the island with meat over powdered meat.  Stuart Lister on Trelawney peg 17 was second; Stuart fished at 4 & 5 meters on meat and also on the long pole to the island for a final weight of 72lbs. Current Parkdean Master Neil Machin took third with 68lb 11oz, Neil was on Trelawney peg 23 and caught half of his fish on the long pole and half on the bomb & meat. The next best weight on the lake was 67lb 14oz and this came from Harry Billing on peg 29 who fished on the pole with meat over powdered meat. Python fished steadily with a top weight of 60lb 8oz coming from the narrows & 55lb 6oz coming from the wides.




Simon “at” is no longer at Gwinear and the reigns have been handed over to Charlie, Charlie has pledged his support to the festivals and has really tidied the lake up and also allowed us to once again introduce meat to the venue on the festivals. The fishing on Gwinear will also be a mystery to us as it has not really been fished much over the winter we just hope it does not live up to it’s festival nick name – Grimear! Grant Albutt takes the lake win today with 97lb 9oz, Grant was on peg 53 and caught on the pole at 16 meters on meat. England ace Will Raison took second from peg 28 with 90lb 1oz; Will fished the pole down the edge with corn. Third on the lake went to Chris Kerbel, Chris weighed in with 68lb caught on meat at 7 meters from peg 24. Terry Winter had the next best weight on the lakes with 64lb 10oz, Terry was on peg 31 and caught on the pole across at 16 meters and down the edge over the bar on corn and chopped worm.




Porth is rammed full of smaller fish but also stocked with the notorious pike, so the name of the game is to land your fish before the pike get there. In recent winter leagues the fish have been showing in the 30’s and you needed between 12lb – 16lb to win the match. Today’s fishing showed that the weights are consistent to these expectations but as the weather has been warmer the fish have stared to move. Steve Sanders on peg 73 took the win with 14lb 4oz, Steve caught on the feeder with worm. On peg 75 Nick Jones was second with 12lb 13oz, Nick caught on the long pole. Third went to Mark Harris with 12lb 9oz, Mark had an impressive net of roach caught on the pole with castor from peg 88. 11lb 10oz was the next best weight on the lake and this came from Bob Jarvis on peg 71 who fished chopped worm on the pole at 13 meters.




Bolingey has produced some massive weights on previous festivals and again there are high expectations from the lake being as it is one of the Uk’s top venues. The boys dread the weigh in as it the past visits to the chiropractor have been recommended!! The lake win today came from Steve Cooke on peg 9, Steve caught on meat on the long pole in the margins at 14 meters for a great starting weight to the festival of 144lb 6oz. Ben leach took second with 143lb 2oz, Ben was on peg 18 and caught on the bomb & PVA and on the short pole at 5 meters with meat. Third went to Peter Jupp on peg 14, Peter fished at 4 meters and in the margins on meat for a total weight of 138lb 12oz. The next best weight on the lake was 117lb 6oz; this came from Dave Barratt on peg 19 who caught at 5 meters on meat.



So that was day one of the festival, lets see how the top twenty looks

Top Twenty

1st Kieron Rich 9 points 147lb 14oz
2nd Steve Cooke 9 points 144lb 6oz
3rd Des Shipp  9 points 132lb 3oz
4th Mick Lees  9 points 115lb 9oz
5th Sam Davies 9 points 114lb 8oz
6th Grant Albutt 9 points 97lb 9oz
7th Adey Lindsay 9 points 94lb 13oz
8th Dave Taylor 9 points 77lb 10oz
9th Dave Harpin 9 points 73lb 4oz
10th Neil Machin 9 points 86lb 11oz
11th Chris Kerbel 9 points 68lb
12th Gary Smith 9 points 60lb 8oz
13th John Larraman 9 points 60lb 8oz
14th John Holt  9 points 55lb 6oz
15th Mark Brown 9 points 33lb 14oz
16th Callum Dicks 9 points 33lb 3oz
17th Steve Sanders 9 points 14lb 4oz
18th Mark Harris 9 points 12lb 9oz
19th John Pantry 9 points 9lb 6oz
20th Steve Mayo 9 points 9lb 6oz

So day one is in the bag and the race is on, is there are festival winner in the above names? We shall just have to weight and see, more festival results and reports coming soon.
Keep watching this space! Cheers, Kirsty