By Clint Elliott


Day Four


Another fantastic day’s fishing, we thought rain would be the order of the day but the Cornish sun soon shone through. Pollawyn is still on top form once again providing us with the day’s winner. Tim Nash on peg 27 weighed in with 143lb 11oz, Tim had a large haul of carp caught on the pole to give him this victory and 9 points. John Pantry, again on Pollawyn, took second overall on the day John weighed in 122lb 9oz of mainly large carp from peg 20. Dean Atkins on Bolingey took third overall on the day, Dean caught down the edge with the groundbait feeder from peg 23 to give him a total weight of 105lb 13oz.




Only 1lb 3oz separates the top three over all on the lake. Pete Thomas on peg 33 takes the victory with a mixed bag caught on the big feeder to weigh in with 21lb 7oz. Will Raison (peg 22) and Phil Ringer (peg 81) tied for second overall both with a weight of 20lb 4oz. Third overall and also picking up 9 points is Steve Cook, Steve caught on the pole and feeder from peg 78 to weigh in with 19lb 13oz.


Section winners


Pete Thomas                        9 points          21lb 7oz

William Raison         9 points          20lb 4oz

Phil Ringer                9 points          20lb 4oz

Steve Cooke                         9 points          19lb 13oz




The lake is still performing well with Dean Atkins taking overall first on the lake with 105lb 13oz from peg 23 Dean caught down the edge on the groundbait feeder. Adrian Jeffery on peg 22 caught shallow on the pole to weigh in with 87lb 2oz and take second on the lake. Third overall on the lake is local angler Dave Hillier who weight in with 86lb 4oz of carp caught on meat on the pole from peg 22.


Section winners


Dean Atkins              9 points          105lb 13oz

Dave Hillier               9 points          86lb 4oz

Gary Gibson              9 points          77lb 9oz

Steve sanders                      9 points          77lb 6 oz




Pollawyn is still its best form once again producing 2 weights of 100lb plus, one of these was for Tim Nash taking overall on the lake with 143lb 11oz caught with meat on the pole from peg 27. John Pantry takes second on the lake with an impressive haul of carp to weigh 122lb 9oz from peg 20. Picking up 9 points and third overall is Roy Basham, Roy who caught several large carp and a mixed bag of skimmers weighed in 83lb from peg 21.


Section winners


Tim Nash                   9 points          143lb 11oz

Roy Basham                         9 points          83lb

Simon Wilsmore      9 points          64lb 7oz

Danny West              9 points          47lb 6oz




Both lakes are still fishing really well with Alan Spooner taking the top honour of a lake win from peg 8 on Trelawney, Alan who fished on the pole and feeder caught down the edge with most of his catches coming late on in the day.

Giles Cochrane on peg 36 Python weighed in the biggest weight from the lake so far this week with 85lb 11oz taking second on the lake and picking up 9 points, Giles on peg 36 caught small carp, skimmers and roach all on the pole. Also on Python picking up third on the lake is Steve Ringer again catching skimmers, roach and smaller carp on the pole and feeder from peg 11 to weigh in with 72lb 3oz.


Section winners


Alan Spooner                       9 points          98lb

Giles Cochrane        9 points          85lb 11oz

Steve Ringer                         9 points          72lb 3oz

Nigel Bond                9 points          71lb 6 oz




Gwinear has been fishing consistently well so far for the week. Today sees Dave Guntrip on peg 37 taking first on the lake with 45lb 15oz. With only a pound separating them Wayne Sharman (peg 20) takes second overall with 33lb 4oz and Lee Allen (peg 1) takes third with his mixed bag weighing 32lb 4oz.


Section winners


Dave Guntrip                        9 points          45lb 15oz

Wayne Sharman     9 points          33lb 4oz

Lee Allen                   9 points          32lb 4oz

Tom Pargetter                       9 points          21lb 10oz


Overall Top Ten


1st        William Raison         36 points        203lb 7oz

2nd       Steve Ringer                         35 points        450lb 11oz

3rd        Des Shipp                 34 points        349lb 3oz

4th        Tim Nash                   34 points        285lb 11oz

5th        Morris Williams         34 points        164lb 12oz

6th        Lee Kerry                   33 points        364lb 6 oz

7th        Richie Hull                33 points        255lb 14oz

8th        Wayne Sharman     32 points        204lb 16oz

9th        Simon Willsmore     32 points        197lb 1oz

10th     Tommy Pickering     32 points        185lb 11oz



As we go into the final day of the festival can Will Raison hang on at the top and go for his fifth successive section win or will another angler emerge as the Van Den Eynde champion 2005.













































Day five – The Final


The stage is set both for another great days fishing and for tonight’s presentation.

Wendy Lithgoe representing Van Den Eynde has arrived with the prizes and tonight’s presentation will go as follows.


20th – 11th will pick up a Van Den Eynde jacket (limited edition for this festival only) and a Van Den Eynde medal

10th place receives £200 plus the jacket and medal

9th place receives £250 plus jacket and medal

8th place receive £300 plus jacket and medal

7th place receives £400 plus jacket and medal

6th place receives £500 plus jacket and medal

5th place receives £600 plus jacket and medal

4th place receives £700 plus jacket and medal

3rd place receives £1000, jacket, medal and 2 trophies

2nd place receives £1500, jacket, medal and 2 trophies

1st place receives £3000, jacket, medal and 2 trophies


I think you’ll all agree it’s been another fantastic festival here at White Acres with both on and off site lakes fishing brilliantly.




Big weights again on Bolingey with 4 weights of 100lb plus. Phil Ringer takes first overall on the lake using the groundbait feeder and hair rigged meat from peg 11 to weigh in with 136lb 15oz. Second goes to Gary Hamilton on peg 45 who caught a big net of carp on the pole down the margins, Gary’s total weight was 127lb 3oz. Third goes to Steve Cooke, Steve fished on the feeder from peg 19 to weigh in 114lb 7oz.


Section winners


PHIL RINGER                      9 POINTS      136LB 15OZ

GARY HAMILTON               9 POINTS      127LB 3OZ

LEE HARRISON                  9 POINTS      74LB 3OZ

MARK DOWLING                9 POINTS      95LB 14OZ




Pollawyn, once again living up to its fantastic reputation provided Morris Williams with first overall on the lake, Morris on peg 29 caught all carp on the feeder to give him a total weight of 169lb 3oz. Second goes to Danny Wynn on peg 26 with a weight of 77lb 4oz. Adrian Jeffery takes third on the lake with 67lb 14oz from peg 25 with all carp caught on the pole.


Section winners


PETE WEDGBOW               9 POINTS      65LB 12OZ

KEN OLDHAM                     9 POINTS      61LB 3OZ

MORRIS WILLIAMS            9 POINTS      169LB 3OZ

GARY GIBSON                    9 POINTS      52LB 14OZ




Paul Blinkhorn takes first overall from peg 2 on Trelawney catching in the margins on corn to weigh in an impressive haul of 121lb 11oz. Danny West (peg24) also on Trelawney takes second with a weight of 76lb 1 oz. Third on the lake goes to Cameron Hughes who at just 15 is our youngest angler in the festival, Cameron weighed in with 72lb from peg 32 on Trelawney.


Section winners


DANNY WEST                     9 POINTS      76LB 1OZ

PAUL BLINKHORN             9 POINTS      121LB 11OZ

PAUL QUINTON                  9 POINTS      39LB 15OZ

SIMON WILLSMORE          9 POINTS      47lb 9oz




Another big weight for Gwinear sees Derek White taking first overall from peg 50, Derek caught down the edge to weigh in 94lb 7oz. Giles Cochrane on peg 28 caught under the bridge to take second on the lake with 62lb 4oz. Third on the lake goes to Rob Pelling on 53 weighing in with 53lb 8oz.


Section winners


DEREK WHITE        9 POINTS      97LB 7OZ

DES SHIPP              9 POINTS      31LB 6OZ


GILES COCHRANE            9 POINTS      62LB 4OZ




Dean Barlow takes first on the lake with a weight of 25lb 4oz from peg 32.

Second on the lake goes to Sean Clifford (peg 73) with 23lb 4oz and third goes to local angler Stuart Lister (peg 78) with 21lb 2oz.


Section winners


PETER BOWLES                9 POINTS      12LB 13OZ

DEAN BARLOW                  9 POINTS      25LB 4OZ

SEAN CLIFFORD                9 POINTS      23LB 4OZ

DAVE BARRATT                 9 POINTS      19LB 8OZ


The Overall Winners


Will Raison hangs at the top to become the White Acres Van Den Eynde winner 2005, Will who has had a fantastic week finished on 42 points with 269lb 9oz, dropping his worst result to leave him with 36 points and 203lb 7oz.

Steve Ringer ends up second overall with his worst result he still ends up with a whopping weight of 450lb 11oz, Steves total weight of 480lb 13oz also gains him the honour of biggest overall weight. Des Ship joint on points with Steve (35) but with a lower weight takes third overall on the festival, Des has had a great weeks fishing with a total weight of 380lb 9oz.


Top 10


1st         Will Raison              36 points        203lb 7oz

2nd        Steve Ringer                        35 points        450lb 11oz

3rd         Des Shipp                35 points        328lb 8oz

4th         Morris Williams        35 points        318lb 12oz

5th         Simon Willsmore    35 points        221lb 3oz

6th         Tim Nash                  34 points        285lb 11oz

7th         Lee Harrison                        34 points        244lb 8oz

8th         Steve Cooke                        34 points        294lb 5oz

9th         Dave Barratt                         34 points        193lb 1oz

10th       Ken Oldham                        34 points        191lb 11oz


A massive thank you to Van Den Eyned and also thank you and congratulations to all the anglers in the festival, see you in 2006.