Superb worms delivered to your door
The first stop for worms for fishing, Willis Worms is now taking on-line orders for dendrobaenas, without doubt the best worms for fishing in the UK and Europe, plus lobworms and redworms.. 

Worms are delivered by first class post and up to two days should be allowed for your order although we aim to deliver the next working day. Worms are dispatched Monday to Thursday for Tuesday to Saturday deliveries. Special arrangements can always be achieved, given time and adequate logistics.

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Also see the listing in the Baits section of for our range of fishmeal free, fish friendly pellets, which are proving a big hit and catching loads of fish.

All payments are via the popular secure payment PayPal centre, and you don’t even need a Pay Pal account – just click, fill out the form, and submit.

How Long Will It Take For My Order To Be Delivered?
We make every effort to deliver your items the next working day – we need just enough time to get the worms to our courier! 

Your order is as important to us as it is to you, if you are concerned and need the worm by a given time, you should give us a call on the mobile number and we’ll see if we can make any special arrangements. Again, we make every effort in dispatching your order on time and pride ourselves on the high rate of repeat orders based upon customer satisfaction.

Lobworms in small quantities e.g. 50 worms in a single tub are sent via Royal Mail and two working days should be allowed for the delivery.

A majority of orders are dispatched via Business Post. We do however; reserve the right to use any courier service to maintain our very busy mail order system. If you do not receive an item within the stated times you should contact Willis Worms in the first instance.

We are proud of our couriers performance – currently 97.8% of all orders are delivered without any problems – most errors are with the actual delivery address or wrong post code given at order – so be sure to get this part of the form right.

Buy your dendras here and have them with you inside two days  –

How We Grow Great Worms
We take green waste products and process them at our site for use in production of the very best worms for our customers.

A heavy duty shredder pulps the waste into worm sized bites! These mounds are covered and left for nature to do ‘their thing’ for up to 18 months. The resulting product is blended with a host of other media types to form the bed that our premium worms are raised in.

The Farm
Left to develop into the UK’s Premier Worms for fresh delivery to tackle shops and now the UK’s anglers too, here you can see the worm beds in the background as white strips. Harvesting is done daily to ensure only the freshest bait is dispatched to our customers.

The greatest care is taken during harvesting by the vastly experience farm staff to ensure we maintain our product as the best available, something we take great pride in.

The Worms
The finished product – top quality fresh worms ready for packing and delivery. We recently added a very special indoor unit to produce the perfect worm 365 days a year, consequently increasing both quality and our annual tonnage.

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What You Can Win

Total-Fishing has teamed up with Willis Worms to offer one reader 15kg of quality dendrobaena worms – perfect for chopped worm fishing

The winner will be sent 15 vouchers for a 1kg of worms at time which they can redeem at any time.

In addition, ten runner’s up will also receive a Midwater Luggage leg towel (right) also available exclusively on the Willis Worms website.

How To Win
All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to answer the question in our COMPETITIONS section and be one of the first correct entries selected at random after the closing date of March 30th, 2007.