THOSE of you using the Carp and Sea Discussion board have felt somewhat left out of things after Van den Eynde’s kind offer to sponsor the Coarse forums by giving a case of groundbait away to the writer of the best thread of the month.

Well there’s no need to feel that way any more, because David Hall Publishing has stepped in with a fanastic prize for your own boards.

From May, the writer of the best thread of the month on the Carp, Sea and forthcoming Game fishing forums, as judged by site editor Gareth Purnell (‘Geepster’), will win a 12-month subscription to any magazine from the David Hall portfolio of angling titles.

So if you are judged as having started the most creative, funny, interesting, informative, or whatever Geepster deems to be unmissable thread on your board that month, you can choose a subscription to any one of the following titles:


Total Sea Fishing

Total Carp

Advanced Carp Fishing

Midland Angler

Match Fishing

Advanced Pole Fishing

Today’s FlyFisher


Many thanks to DHP for this offer, said Gareth. It’s very generous indeed. Most of these titles carry a monthly cover price close to £3 and you are looking at over £30 for a 12-month subscription.

I’m not going to set any criteria. I’ll just be making a judgement call on the thread that has caught the imagination of the Total Fishing forum users the most.

For those of you interested in the noble art of fly-fishing, the Game Fishing forum should be up and running by the middle of May to coincide with the launch of Today’s FlyFisher, which is priced at £2.70 and will hit the shelves on May 16th. Anyone requiring information about subscribing to this or any one of the DHP titles should email

If you want to know more about the magazines, just visit the Magazines and Subscriptions sections of this site by using the navigation bar on the left.


NB: Due to postal charges this offer is not available to users from outside of the UK


|2003-04-25 08:20:00.000|2003-12-17 00:00:00.000|win_a_12month_subscription_to_the_angling_magazine_of_your_choice!!
Input error: Assets/Images/Today_s_Flyfisher/TFF-Feb-FC.gif is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|188811D1-E057-430A-A1E6-3A65BCEED8B3|1|2005-12-20 11:29:19.000|2005-12-20 11:29:19.000|Assets/Images/Today_s_Flyfisher/TFF-Feb-FC.gif|Today’s Flyfisher magazine|Find out what’s in the latest issue of Today’s Flyfisher magazine….|

February Issue

Agent X

Huge land-locked salmon up to 55lb swimming about in a small stillwater. We’re joking, right? Our man pays a visit to Warrington to see if there is any truth in the myth that such creatures exist. Will he have to go in with the big guns blazing? Or can these leviathans be tamed on normal trout gear?


Tackle Test

Thinking of starting fly fishing and looking for an inexpensive rod to start with? We have managed to get our hands on 12 rods that can be bought for under £70. We check them out in an in-depth test to see if they really do offer us anglers good value or if they should be consigned to use as kindling.



Stopwatch Challenge

The Eskimos have survived for centuries by drilling holes in the sea ice and winkling out fish to survive. Our challenge is not as severe I’m sure you’ll agree, but when half the water you’re supposed to be fishing is iced over it makes things…well, interesting. Our challenger has six hours to catch four fish in these arctic conditions.


Tyer’s Guide

This great new section of the magazine is dedicated to flies and fly tying.

Flies To Catch Fish: Looking at how to tie some tried and tested patterns with hints on how and when to fish them.

Premier Patterns: The top February patterns from the vices of our vastly experienced anglers.

To find out about the latest subscription offer, CLICK HERE

|2005-12-20 11:28:00.000|2006-01-20 00:00:00.000|today’s_flyfisher_magazine
Input error: Assets/Images/Today_s_Flyfisher/TFF-front-cover.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|168A27BC-D8CC-4C2A-B160-3A6FAC5F8912|1|2005-08-11 19:36:13.000|2005-08-11 20:06:05.000|Assets/Images/Today_s_Flyfisher/TFF-front-cover.jpg|Today’s Flyfisher|Find out about the latest Salmon Special issue of today’s flyfisher…|

Today’s Flyfisher August issue…

Salmon Special


Hywel’s 10

Welshman Hywel Morgan takes to the water at Clywedog in mid Wales to demonstrate his top ten tips and tricks for tackling October fry-feeders. He describes the tackle, the boat, line and retrieve techniques as well as discussing fish location when looking for those autumn monsters. And boy, doesn’t he find them.



Casting School

Each month ­ with help from the AAPGAI casting wizards ­ we reveal the simple steps to perfecting your casting technique. To coincide with this month¹s salmon special, the first in the new series is Devon¹s Bob Wellard on one of the most useful river casts ever ­ the Single Spey.




John Chapman was seriously fed-up after visiting fisheries where those trout just love to tuck themselves under the overhanging branches. Enter the grandmaster caster Mr Jardine. Charles explains that by ‘tightening’ up your basic technique and learning a couple of trick-shot casts, you can put that fly EXACTLY where you want it.



Salmon and the Small River

So you’d like to try your hand at salmon fishing but don’t want to rush out and buy a whole load of new kit? Grab your 7-wt and take on one of many little rivers that experience great runs of fish. That¹s exactly what John Legg does on his local River Ribble.


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|2005-08-11 19:35:00.000|2005-09-11 00:00:00.000|today’s_flyfisher
Input error: Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/MF FC.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|11731690-1001-42CF-BC81-3BF6511F165D|1|2005-05-10 07:05:59.000|2005-05-10 07:44:29.000|Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/MF FC.jpg|Match Fishing magazine|Find out what’s in the June’s issue of the UK’s No1 match fishing magazine…|




Shakespeare star Tony Skinner is the man with the challenge at the fabulous Manor Farm Leisure complex near Evesham. 



Steve Ringer has had a terrific few weeks at Whiteacres in Cornwall. Find out how he goes about tackling a swim he’s never seen before…   



Fresh from his big win in the Match Fishing Maver Classic we join England international Will Raison on a five hour match at Willow Park.    


The final countdown! We take a look back at the highlights of the competition and look forward to next months final at Docklow. Who will win the cup and the £1000 that goes with it?  



Former England international Denis White reveals his tactics for catching bream on the feeder. Follow his guide to guarantee more slabs in your net!     



Who’s Rosemary Wood? Find out with North west ace Phil Dewhurst in the June issue…  



Dean Smith has an enviable record at Woodlands Thirsk. We get him to reveal his big weight secrets…  



Alex Bones joins Preston Innovations UK Champ Andy Oldham at Woodland View in Worcestershire. 



There aren’t many matches where you can win £25,000 in one hit! Ben Leach recalls the day he won the Parkdean Masters.



We fire 25 quick questions to Preston Innovations’ Ricky Teale. 



Dave, Alex and Mick take a look at loads of 13 foot feeder rods. Which ones get the thumbs up?




Dave Harrell tries out the Maver M57 pole and Alex Bones puts the Preston GiS 10 pole to the test.  



Is it YOUR turn to be in? Be afraid, be very afraid!     



Match Q&A

Keith Arthur

Darren Cox

Giles Cochrane

Jon Arthur

And loads more…




|2005-05-10 07:04:00.000|2005-06-10 00:00:00.000|match_fishing_magazine
Input error: Assets/Images/Today_s_Flyfisher/01-Fly.newest-fcweb.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|1259FFF2-4608-48CA-8B7D-3DEE6E704A57|1|2003-10-06 08:23:58.000|2003-10-06 08:25:41.000|Assets/Images/Today_s_Flyfisher/01-Fly.newest-fcweb.jpg|Today’s Flyfisher|Find out what’s in the latest issue of today’s Flyfisher magazine…|

Today’s Flyfisher – latest issue



A Bugs Life
The Corixa is an important part of the trout’s diet. Learn about its lifecycle and how best to catch on this killer pattern.

Learning Curve
Steve Thornton reveals a super realistic pattern for you to try out on your local waters.

Sneak Peek
We have been to the Fly Fishing Retailers show in Denver and bought back the latest gadgets and gismos for you to have a look at.

Understanding Clothing
Rob Williams explains how modern materials work to make you more comfortable, and how you can ensure that they work to their potential for you.

Todays Flyfisher European Open Grand Final
Who won the TFEO Final? What fish bagged the fish in the final?

Earning your Stripes
Andy Petherick and Gary Champion head to Rhode Island to catch striped bass. They aim to show you that good destination fishing needn’t cost the earth.

Win! Win!
Over £1000 worth of the new Hardy Angel reel, its not even out yet! Be the first!
Over £1000 worth of the new range of Powerhead Luggage.

On Test
12 salmon reels are tested to the limits, which one came top of the list?


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|2003-10-06 08:22:00.000|2003-11-06 00:00:00.000|today’s_flyfisher
Input error: Assets/Images/Competitions/Fox_challenger_13'_float.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|1D71C5C6-BD98-4F2E-A8D2-3E3EBE5E99B2|1|2004-07-20 13:26:04.000|2004-07-20 13:26:04.000|Assets/Images/Competitions/Fox_challenger_13’_float.jpg|Fox Competition Winner|The winner of our Fox Match Challenger rod competition run in association with Harrison’s online tackle shop is….|

The winner of our Fox Match Challenger rod competition run in association with Harrison’s online tackle shop is Glasgow angler Jim Keltie.


Jim wins a 13ft Fox Match Challenger Float rod worth £69.99.


|2004-07-20 13:25:00.000|2004-08-20 00:00:00.000|fox_competition_winner
Input error: Assets/Images/Total_Carp/Total Carp FC.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|15577EE2-52F8-44C4-9D18-417807BE57F0|1|2003-09-26 06:30:25.000|2003-09-26 06:30:25.000|Assets/Images/Total_Carp/Total Carp FC.jpg|Carp Society Winter Show will be best ever|THANKS to sponsorship by Total Carp and Advanced Carp magazines, this year’s Carp Society winter show looks like being one of the best carp exhibitions EVER to be held in the UK.|

THANKS to sponsorship by Total Carp and Advanced Carp magazines, this year’s
Carp Society winter show looks like being one of the best carp exhibitions
EVER to be held in the UK.

For the first time, the show is set to run over an entire weekend – on
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November at Sandown Racecourse in Surrey. This
will give carp anglers the chance to sample the delights of the show over a
2-day period if they so desire.

Total Carp editor Jim Foster said: We have ensured that there will be
plenty for the carp angler to see and do over the weekend.
There will be three major slide shows on each day, with Dave Lane, Jim
Shelley, Nick Helleur and Lee Jackson having all agreed to talk about the
fish they have caught recently and how they have caught them.
This will include details of Dave’s recent capture of a 52lb mirror from a
Cambs stillwater and Lee’s Conningbrook sixty, Two Tone.
In addition to this, DHP will be sponsoring a theatre where you can sit
down and question various anglers on the rigs they use and how they target
big fish and get more bites.
The anglers we have lined up for this forum, at the time of writing,
include Ian Chillcott and Derek Ritchie. We’re also looking at getting other
talented anglers on this panel, hopefully anglers who don’t usually like to
talk about their captures!
There will also be the chance to meet, in person, the Dynamite Team – which
includes Terry Hearn, Jim Shelley and Nick Helleur – and the Korda Team that
won this year’s UK Carp Angling Championships.
Plus there will be the usual assortment of stands for anglers to look at,
checking out new tackle for 2004. Of course, there will also be bait and
tackle bargains to be had.
Other facilities include licenced bars and a restaurant – though anglers
should be aware that these probably won’t be cheap!
All in all it adds up to a terrific day (or even two days) out. I can
confidently predict that it will be the best carp show ever to be held in
the UK, concluded Jim.

To buy your tickets, check out the application form in current issues of
Total and Advanced Carp magazines.

Alternatively, pay over the phone by calling 01367 253959, or order tickets
on the net by emailing

Tickets cost £8 for Carp Society members in advance, or £10 for non-members.
Concessions for juniors cost £3, with OAP tickets also priced at £3.

Junior and OAP members of the Carp Society get in free.

Venue: Sandown Racesourse, Surrey
Location: Just off junction 10 of the M25
Time: 9am Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th November

|2003-09-26 06:27:00.000|2003-11-26 00:00:00.000|carp_society_winter_show_will_be_best_ever
Input error: Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/match front cover.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|148729EA-8851-418B-8D2C-43111F392E71|1|2003-01-02 15:39:43.000|2003-01-04 09:22:59.000|Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/match front cover.jpg|A festival for the ordinary angler|THIS summer one lucky angler will gain their first ever taste of winning a fully sponsored festival and at least £1000 in prize money at Cornwall’s famous at White Acres Fishery.|

THIS summer one lucky angler will gain their first ever taste of winning a fully sponsored festival and at least £1000 in prize money at Cornwall’s famous at White Acres Fishery.
The legendary Spring and Autumn Festivals attract the cream of British match angling and winning one of the main prizes is next to impossible unless you know the venue inside out.
However, organisers are giving the ordinary angler a chance in the new White Acres Virgins Festival, which will take place in June.
The ‘Virgins Festival’ will be open only to club and occasional match anglers, so you won’t have to worry about being up against venue experts and sponsored anglers. Instead you will know you are fishing against competitors of similar abilities.
“Without the big stars and previous festival money winners, the way is clear for club and pleasure anglers to experience the thrill and razzamatazz of making it up onto the stage for the main money places!” said fishery manager Clint Elliott. “With daily section and lake prizes too, there is plenty of opportunity to lose that match success virginity.”
The festival commences June 7 and competition for places is expected to be hot. More details from Clint Elliott on 01726 862113 or
White Acres Country Park 0845 458 0065.

|2003-01-02 15:36:00.000|2003-02-02 00:00:00.000|a_festival_for_the_ordinary_angler
Input error: Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/MF.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|1B29754C-0397-4262-9EC2-4995AE86B6E1|1|2002-04-29 13:08:14.000|2002-05-30 09:49:04.000|Assets/Images/Match_Fishing/MF.jpg|New look for Match Fishing magazine|Former world champion Dave Wesson has taken over from Roger Mortimer at the helm of Match Fishing magazine and says he has big plans for the successful monthly title.|

MATCH Fishing magazine has received a facelift to coincide with Dave Wesson taking over as editor from Roger Mortimer.
Mortimer, who was at the helm for 15 years, has taken the role of editorial director at David Hall Publishing and Wesson, who has been editor of Advanced Pole Fishing for the last three years, was the ideal replacement.
I’m pleased to take over the editorship of Match Fishing, said the 1992 World Champion. It’s a benchmark title and has been since its inception, so it’s also an honour to now be at the helm. I’ve got several new ideas for the new mag but the aim is the same as it’s always been – to help readers catch more fish and win more matches.
The June issue goes on sale on the last Friday in May.

|2002-04-29 13:05:00.000|2002-07-29 00:00:00.000|new_look_for_match_fishing_magazine
Input error: Assets/Images/Nationals_2003/webDscn1243.jpg is not allowed for Image (not a file in files/totalfishing).|0|1DE85815-C232-414E-9381-49DF1341652B|1|2003-07-07 07:22:51.000|2003-07-07 07:50:40.000|Assets/Images/Nationals_2003/webDscn1243.jpg|Div Three National: Favourites Trentmen win on home venue|Favourites Daiwa Trentmen just edged out West Yorks outfit Gas Club AC by one point in a thrilling Division Threee National on the River Trent.|


Left: Champions Trentmen won by just one point. Right, the top three individuals from left to right Shaun Dicker, winner Adrian Innes, and Chris Buckley.


POLICE officer Adrian Innes landed the Individual trophy in the Embassy Division Three National Angling Championship on the River Trent on Saturday (July 5)…after the closest head-to-head title tussle in the 98-year history of National competitions.
And, in a thrilling battle for the Team title, local aces Team Daiwa Trentmen netted £882 as they came out on top with 375 points – just ONE point clear of runners-up, Gas Club AC, who went home to
West Yorkshire
with £630.
Adrian, a 41-year-old from Gloucestershire, and second-placed, Chris Buckley, 56, and a crane driver from Crewe, Cheshire, were pegged next to each other on Pegs C8 and C9 on a non-Tidal stretch of the Trent
at well-known local landmark, Crankley Point.
And what a fantastic match it turned out to be as
Adrian netted 23 bream for a staggering weight of 50.930 kg while Chris was so close with a terrific 25 bream and one perch haul of 48.730 kg. And, to complete a perfect day, Adrian
‘s team, South Cerney AC, gained promotion by finishing in seventh place with 314 points.
And, as Adrian and Chris netted bream for bream throughout the match, it was a magnificent 3.940 kg bream – Adrian’s biggest-ever – he hooked 15 minutes from the end that went a long way to clinching the title and his best-ever pay day of £1,084. Unfortunately, neither angler had a bet which made angling bookmaker Billy Knott a very happy man!
For both anglers, it was their biggest-ever match weight – Adrian beating his previous best of 32.65 kg when he won the Police National at Makin’s Fishery in 2001 and Chris topping his record of 25.40 kg set 10 years ago!


Left: Winner Adrian Innes with part of his ton-up winning catch. Centre, runner up
Chris Buckley in action. Right: the runner up with some of his bream.

The National Championships started in 1906 and there has never been such a close encounter when massive weights have been involved!
In fact, these two superb catches are also the fourth and fifth biggest weights in National history behind record-holder Dave Vincent (56.010 kg, Division One, River Cam, 2001); Rob Stubbs (55.210 kg, Division Three, Hobhole Drain, 1999); and Jerry Pocock (51.880 kg, Division Five, River Nene, 1999). They are also the biggest weights in a major Trent
event for many years. 
It really was a titanic struggle and, yet,
didn’t fancy his peg as he arrived at the water, saying: I really liked the look of the next two pegs down, including the one that Chris was in.
But, 15 minutes into the match,
Adrian changed his mind as the first bream picked up the two red maggots that he had presented 35 yards out on a size 16 hook to 4 lb main line and a 4½ lb hooklength with a groundbait feeder. He used two kilos of groundbait and two pints of casters as the bream stayed in his swim throughout the match!
I didn’t fancy a bet but I’m not bothered – it’s the greatest day I’ve had in 30 years of fishing, I am a National champion and I’ve enjoyed my biggest pay day, easily beating my previous best of £130. What more could I ask for?, said a shell-shocked Adrian who was fishing his fourth National and his third on the Trent.
Our team tactics were simple – ‘don’t blank, get a fish in the net.’ But, once that fish was in the net, Adrian just couldn’t stop catching. He added: I was worn out at the end but to win a National is amazing. I must say ‘Well done’ to Chris – it was quite a battle between us.
, runner-up Chris, who fishes for Crewe Amalgamated and won £930, liked the look of his peg as he said: There were bream rolling in front of me at the start – it looked good. Chris also fished a groundbait feeder, starting on worm and then, when he had had a quiet spell, he changed to red maggots. He fished a size 16 hook switching to a size 14 hook later in the match. Chris had fished 20 previous Nationals and he said: This is easily my best performance – I was exhausted at the end. Before the start, I would have settled for one bream, let alone a netful. I can’t remember having a better day’s fishing. His biggest bream scaled more than 3 kg.
The bronze medal went to Shaun Dicker, a 46-year-old who works in desktop publishing from Cricklewood,
north west London
, who weighed in 26.950 kg from the noted first peg (F1) below Cromwell Weir. It was Shaun’s biggest match weight in the UK and he fishes for Barnet & District AC.
Fishing a groundbait feeder at 40 yards, Shaun alternated between three red maggots, three casters and worm and caster to land nine bream to 2.75 kg, five barbel up to 2 kg, two perch and some hybrids. He said: I had never seen this stretch of water before but obviously I knew it was a good peg. I caught the bream early on and then the barbel moved in later. I lost two bream and two barbel. Unlike the top two, Shaun did have a £5 each way bet but he didn’t enter the Individual pools, eventually picking up £317 from his bet and his Section pay out.
Fourth placed Dave Gladwell, a 65-year-old retired trade union official from Ellingham, near Bungay, Suffolk, was pegged next to the winner on C7, landing 10 bream for a weight of 14.970 kg. Most anglers benefited from the double pegging but Dave might have weighed in even more if he had been one peg closer to the eventual champ! One of the NFA’s original coaches, Dave fished an open-end feeder and used his home-bred gozzers and worms on a size 16 hook. In fact, by entering all the Pools and investing in a £10 bet, Dave, a member of Cherry Tree Bungay, pocketed £1.095 – more than any of the top three!


Left, bronze medalist Shaun Dicker puts another bream in the net. Centre: Shaun with his 26kg bag.
Right, fourth placed man Dave Gladwell shows off one of his bream

Team champions, Midlands-based Team Daiwa Trentmen, once again opted for a no plan and no practice approach…and completed their full set of Team medals after winning the Team silver on the Oxford Canal in Division Five in 2000 and the Team bronze in Division Four on the Grand Union Canal last year.
They knew they were the title favourites and Trentmen manager Andy Dare, a 43-year-old retired miner from South Normanton, Derbys, said: We just fished the match on the day – the same as we did when we won the silver and bronze medals. We have a vast knowledge of the water and we have a good all-round squad. We didn’t practise and we didn’t really have a team plan. In the end, it was a tremendous team performance and we can’t wait to fish in Division Two.
Skipper Dare certainly led the way as he won A Section and came 19th in the Individual with 5.200 kg while Nottingham’s Derek Hornet was fourth in E Section with 4.440 kg, Steve Clark
(Mansfield) was third in G Section and 16th overall with 5.590 kg and Neil Parkinson (Spalding) was second in J Section with 3.970 kg to complete a great team display.
Team-runners up, Gas Club AC, gained promotion for the third successive year after they won the Team bronze in Division Five in 2001 and finished fifth in Division Four on the Grand Union Canal last season.
Many of their anglers come from in and around the Mirfield area of West Yorkshire and skipper Geoff Scollick, a 68-year-old retired fishing tackle shop owner from Thornton, near Bradford, said: We are a team of river anglers who learnt our skills on the River Calder – we enjoy float fishing and we were looking for 2 kg a man. Each member of the squad practised at least three times and we did really well on the float during those practice sessions. But on the day, there was extra water in the river because of the recent rain and the feeder seemed to be a better bet. So, many of our anglers switched over to the feeder as the match progressed..
We are delighted to have won a silver medal to go with the bronze from two years ago. We are dead chuffed to have gained promotion for the third year running and to get within one point of the local team shows what a great performance we produced. Mirfield’s Tony Webster was their top points scorer as he came second in M Section with 2.500 kg while Ian Bates (Mirfield) was third in D Section with 3.940 kg, Ricky Bonas (Mirfield) was third in F Section with 4.940 kg and Paul Clark (Leeds) was fourth in J Section with 3.170 kg.
The bronze medals and £504 went to Bourne AS who followed up their gold medal performance in Division Four last season with another solid all-round team display. And there was a big smile on the face of Phil Chesterton, a 35-year-old paint sprayer from Grantham, Lincs, as he only took over as skipper TEN days before the match. Bourne totalled 337 points – ONE point ahead of fourth-placed Yarm AA.
We fished two matches and had one team practice on the water and the plan was to get a fish in the net – whatever the size – and avoid a dreaded dry net. We just hoped we could gain promotion and, to finish third after claiming the gold medal and getting promotion from Division Five in 2001, has made it a great three years for the club, said a delighted Chesterton who was also fifth Individual in 2002.    
Bourne had two anglers in fourth place in their Sections – Spalding’s Gary Boxhall (A Section with 2.550 kg) and Market Harborough’s Malc Payne (B Section with 2.680 kg) while captain Chesterton was fifth in E Section with 3.800 kg.

Teams: 1. Team Daiwa Trentmen 375 pts; 2. Gas Club AC 374 pts; 3. Bourne AS 337 pts; 4. Yarm AA 336 pts; 5. Ashford AS 329 pts; 6. South West Lakes AA 316 pts; 7. South Cerney AC 314 pts; 8. Eastleigh & District AC 293 pts; 9. Leigh & District 283 pts; 10. Railway AC Sale  281 pts.


Gas Club AC                                                 Bourne AS

Individual: 1. Adrian Innes (South Cerney AC) 50.930 kg; 2. Chris Buckley (Crewe Amalgamated AA) 48.730 kg; 3. Shaun Dicker (Barnet & District AC) 26.950 kg; 4. Dave Gladwell (Bungay Cherry Tree) 14.970 kg; 5. Ian White (Eastleigh & District AC) 13.570 kg; 6. Mick Gott (Crewe Amalgamated AA) 10.500 kg.