Total has teamed up with Ultima UK to offer two lucky site users the chance to try out their fantastic new Power Plus line that’s genuinely receiving rave reviews from anglers the length and breadth of the country.

Power Plus represents the very latest in line innovation and technology and has been two years in the making. It represents a coming together of everything that’s seen the Ken firm stand out in the field of line production for over 40 years.

The result is a rare blend balance of power and high performance to deliver what today’s anglers need.


Modern technology now enables higher knot strengths than ever previously thought possible. With Power Plus, no special knots are needed; Ultima says standard angling knots will deliver close to 100% knot strength.

Power Plus also exhibits low stretch, averaging 23%. This gives excellent and direct contact, but still allows enough give to avoid crack-offs and hook pulls.

Recent Polymer developments have also brought huge gains when it comes to abrasion resistance. Power Plus is six times more abrasion resistance than traditional quality monos, according to Ultima tests.

Power Plus is also billed as a sinking line and our own tests have shown it to sink really well without the addition of any line sinkant. It’s silky smooth, yet very, very tough.

Available in nine diameters from 0.16mm (3lb) to 0.35mm (18lb), its olive green colour takes on the hue of surrounding water conditions and even in clear water it’s well camouflaged.


What You Can Win
Every fortnight, two site users will win two bulk spools of 6lb and 8lb Power Plus, plus two 300m spools of the 3lb and 4lb Power Plus. To give you an idea the bulk spook of 6lb power Plus holds a whopping 2386m of line. Each prize is worth £31.80.

How To Win
Each fortnight we will pick two correct entries at random to win the prize. To find the answer to the question, check out Ultima’s Power Plus listing in our Tackle News section.


Which former England match fishing international describes Power Plus as ‘fantastic value for money’?

Once you have your answer visit our Competitions section and fill out the form at the bottom of the Ultima competition listing. Good luck. Winners will be announced through the angling News section of .

NOTE: In order to win you must include your address in the ‘answer’ field below. Failure to do so will render your entry invalid. Your details will not be used for any ongoing marketing.