The heat turned up for members of the RK Leisure Winter Syndicate on the famous Wraysbury 1 North Lake in recent days. Those lucky enough to be out fishing this February were blessed with some unseasonal catches in some very seasonal weather.

Despite plummeting temperatures and driving rain, a large number of carp were caught from the waters throughout a prolonged feeding flurry by the fish. Anglers Sam Marks and Levi Johnson from Windsor and Stondon Park, South London respectively, were the luckiest of the group and caught two of the lakes most sought after 40lb fish.

The first was a fish called ‘Paw Print’ so named from a cluster of scales along its flank. The lucky captor was 37 year old Windsor Angler, Sam Marks, who has fished the venue since it first opened its doors to the public in April 2015. Sam said ‘After some unsuccessful attempts I set up in a familiar swim where I have previously been lucky and I cast out some rigs. The next morning as I was contemplating moving to another swim I noticed that the line on one of the rods pulled tight and I had hooked a fish’. This was a new Personal Best for Sam, at a weight of 40lb 12oz, and was the icing on the cake of his fishing season after braving the harsh winter on the banks of the lake.

The next success story belongs to 34 year old South London resident Levi Johnson who has also been fishing the RK Leisure day ticket venue on a regular basis over the past year. Until recently Levi had struggled to hook one of the bigger original carp from the depths. He has now had two big fish in as many weeks after catching one of the lakes most elusive fish ‘Red October’ at 39lbs during his previous session and this around time saw a huge mirror carp affectionately called ‘No Name’ weighing 40lbs 10oz.

RK Leisure’s Wraysbury 1 North Lake is living up to everyone’s expectations as one of the country’s leading day ticket venues!