“And The Winner Is…”

      We have a winner ! Well done to Mike Robinson of Stoke, the winner of the World Cup Final VIP package for two.

Mike is jetting off today with his brother for the start of his luxury-packed hospitality weekend, culminating on Sunday with the Final itself.

      We’re sure you all will join Tom, Len and all at Head Office in congratulating Mike. Well done and we know you will have a great time.

      Mike’s winning bid was £1.40, which he placed on the 18th of June at 21:46 GMT, just over 33 hours after the auction opened; it was registered as a UNIQUE BID.

      It stayed that way up until the 1st of July, when, 36 hours before the end of the auction, at 10:03 GMT, somebody made a bid which knocked out the then lowest unique bid. It turned Mike’s bid of £1.40 into the new lowest unique bid and it stayed that way until the 2nd of July at 22:00 GMT, when the auction closed.

     Mike placed a total of 151 bids to win this prize, worth £10,000, and used his skill and judgment in placing them to get as many unique bids as possible in the early stages of the auction.

     Mike was introduced to VWD by a good mate and ex-work colleague Neil Williams. He says: “Neil just asked me one day about playing the lottery and then asked me to look at his web site, which I did, and joined. This is all very exciting and my brother keeps calling me every half an hour – he’s over the moon.”

     We asked Mike what advice he would give to other e-Lotbidder players and he said: “Simple, get as many unique bids in as fast as possible. This is a simple game, you just have to decide you want to win it… and that’s what I did and that’s why I’m off to the final.”

     The Mercedes CLK auction ends 31st August. Take a leaf out of Mike’s strategy: find as many unique bids as fast as you can, and make lots of them early on in the game. There are still some unique bids available, so get your bids in now and, who knows, in a few weeks time your name could be on the next e-Lotbidder winner‘s email. Just hit the button now



Warm regards… and happy bidding.